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If you're apologizing for your legacy tech, please stop

Adam Jacob of Chef Software talks about the differences between companies that see themselves as tech companies first and those that don’t—and why that makes a difference.

We all can’t work at places like Google and Facebook, where every tech project seems cool. Some of us work at organizations where the tech isn’t always sexy, but it’s powering very important, mission-critical systems. 

However, how a company views its technology and the team that drives it can determine whether an IT organization thrives or spends its time apologizing for the company’s lousy tech. So, for example, if you work at a company that sees itself as a technology company, you and your team are innovators driving the business forward. At, say, a healthcare company that has an IT department, you support the tech that keeps the lights on.

Is it a culture problem or a technology one? Adam Jacob, CTO and co-founder of Chef Software, says it’s both, and while it will be challenging, it’s fixable. 

Paul Muller talks with Adam about how companies and IT can recast how they think of themselves and their tech in this fun interview. Even if you think you’ve heard this story before, it’s worth a listen.

Reach Adam at @adamhjk

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