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How to move from tech into management

Are you ready to move from a technical specialty into the management career track? Here are the skills you need.

You’ve reached an inflection point in your tech career, and it's time to start the journey up the corporate ladder.

If you’ve been on the technical side of the house, you may find that moving into management requires an entirely new skill set. In this video from HPE Discover 2018, Paul Muller sits down with Mark Linesch, vice president of strategy, CTO Office and Hewlett Packard Labs, and Tim Crawford, CIO strategic advisor for AVOA, to explore this question. Turns out, there are a variety of approaches but one singular need.

Be it going for that MBA or finding a mentor within your organization (or both), the ongoing theme is to continually improve yourself, your skills, your job performance, your networking, and your business acumen. You must also consider how you are going to make a difference.

Moving from technology-driven success to a business-driven focus isn’t easy. The expertise that got you here won't get you there. Questions you'll need to consider: Are you a strong enough leader? Do you have the ability to get the best people and motivate them? And do you understand the business processes that let you be successful? You don't have to be the smartest person in the room any longer, but can you let go of your own ego and be the team leader that drives the company forward?

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