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Healthcare innovation from the edge to the cloud

Philips HealthSuite combined with HPE's cost-efficient GreenLake Flex Capacity connects the edge to the cloud, giving healthcare providers real-time data accessibility while keeping critical applications secure on premises.

In today’s healthcare environment, having access to patient information wherever and whenever it’s needed is critical―for the clinicians providing care, the healthcare administrators charged with controlling costs, and the patients themselves. The challenge, however, is balancing such real-time data accessibility with regulatory, privacy, and serviceability requirements.

To meet these often-conflicting demands, Philips and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have partnered on an innovative healthcare technology solution aimed at better connecting on-prem and the edge to the cloud.

Philips HealthSuite is a hybrid cloud platform that lets healthcare providers take advantage of cloud while keeping data and critical applications protected on premises. Incorporating HPE’s GreenLake Flex Capacity, the solution's managed services approach shifts IT infrastructure to an OpEx model that reduces total cost of ownership.

Listen to Philips’ Jaime Gamboa describe how this Philips-HPE partnership is giving healthcare organizations the seamless, cost-efficient technology they need to do what matters to them most: caring for patients.

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