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Winning digital: Key elements of a transformation strategy

Enterprises can survive digital disruption as well as grow revenue, improve profitability and increase market valuation. Start rethinking what you do.

How enterprises can achieve their full potential in the age of disruption.

Digital transformation. It’s the use of technology to create a better customer experience, improve products and services, and increase the effectiveness of business operations. But it really means what your enterprise must do to adapt and thrive. 

Today’s smaller, emerging companies are born digital. They can — and do — change quickly to answer consumer demand or a competitive offering. Larger, mature enterprises must start with a shift in strategy because all industries will be changed or already have been changed by digital transformation. Many, like news media and publishers, music, video and retail have been or significantly disrupted. Up next: financial services, healthcare manufacturing, insurance, legal, education, utilities and energy. The good news? No industry has been or will be completely upended. And many find new opportunities as they make over these areas:

  • Information technology to create a more efficient and effective business
  • Business operations to reshape customer experiences, products and services, and core operations
  • The business model itself, especially parts of the supply chain

The first step is to recognize that disruption does not have to be a mass-extinction event. Enterprises can survive as well as grow revenue, improve profitability and increase market valuation. Here’s how to start rethinking what you do. 

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