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Focus your digital transformation on core business operations

Your enterprise can digitally transform by gaining insights from your data to improve the experience for your customers.

Uberization opportunities are few and far between. For most enterprises, transformation starts within.

Enterprises need to make over all aspects of their business because today’s customers expect frictionless experiences — and because new competitors launched with the latest technologies can change and respond to customers faster than mature companies.

Start with the fact that your enterprise has valuable assets that start-ups don’t — your customers. Fostering loyalty among these customers requires improving their interaction with not only your products and services but also sales, billing, support and shipping operations. Successful companies count on digital technologies to transform the total customer experience. As consumers, we’ve come to expect digitally enabled products as the new normal. But what’s the next step for your enterprise? Find ways to translate into their business lives what people love and expect as consumers.

Enterprises can learn from the digital leaders who look for ways that apps and data can be added to products to create new value over time. Digital leaders use what they learn from the data to reshape core operations to drive the enterprise forward. What’s considered a core operation varies from industry to industry, but the common characteristic is that core operations make up a sizable portion of the enterprise budget. Gaining even a modest amount of efficiency through digital transformation can significantly impact the bottom line. Data also can be used to predict mechanical failure and to schedule preventive maintenance to avoid business disruptions.

Digital transformation begins with data. So how can your enterprise gain insights from your data to improve the experience for your customers?

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