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4 fundamental shifts you need to succeed in digital

Digitization changes everything. So what steps should you take to build the foundation for your IT organization's digital transformation?

Four shifts needed to lay the foundation for your digital transformation.

You can lead fundamental shifts in processes, people and technology. Here are the four action items on which enterprises should focus:

1. Measure success by repeatability and scalability.

In the past, a single project consumed IT. Today, organizations must experiment and focus on incremental improvement. The small numbers of businesses that grow by 5 percent or more year after year share a common trait: They embrace continuous innovation.

2. Encourage fearless innovators.

Transforming business operations requires more than just central IT. Involve every department with a stake in what comes next, including customer experience, products and services, and core operations, such as manufacturing or marketing. Expand project teams beyond IT leaders and veteran developers with non-expert developers from across the business. Then, put a framework in place that enables everyone to fearlessly innovate without damaging the enterprise.

3. Go to the edge (and back).

Most enterprises collect and analyze their data at the center of their operations. To accelerate transformation, encourage employees to make decisions at the point of impact in the supply chain, along the assembly line or in distribution channels. Integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and connect devices and applications to enable remote processing and real-time decision-making.

4. Empower employees through data science.

Rethink your organization’s approach to data. Instead of expert IT users asking statistical questions, you’ll need users from across the enterprise asking business questions. They will pull answers from the data that you didn’t even know you wanted.

Today and tomorrow belong to the fast. Following these four steps to digital transformation will make it a race that you can not only survive but also win. It’s not a matter of legacy versus new IT systems. It’s about getting the two to work together. To stay competitive, lead dozens — even hundreds — of incremental changes across your enterprise.

HPE has battle-tested this approach to digital transformation. We know it works. Read the SlideShare to learn about how you can do it too.

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