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The State of Hiring: In search of top IT talent

We asked 101 IT executives how they find staff for critical positions and cajole in-demand tech specialists to accept their job offers. Here's what they said, along with some tips for job seekers.

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Whether you are a job seeker, a hiring manager, or a human resources professional who aims to find the best-quality IT staff, you know the truth: It has never been easy to find a great IT job nor a perfect fit for an open requisition. There have always been hot, in-demand jobs and not enough qualified technologists to fill them.

But in the past few years, despite technology or because of it, the task has become even harder. The same applicant tracking systems that permit job seekers to apply to open positions with just one click create a tornado of CVs to sift through. But now, hiring managers have added requirements for tracking diversity, far more options for discovering would-be IT staff, and a wider range of company benefits to dangle in front of candidates who best approximate their heart's desire. Those are all good things, but it makes the hiring process more complex—for both the employer and the job seeker.

For "The State of Hiring: In search of top IT talent" report, we commissioned IDG to survey 101 IT executives who have hiring authority at large companies (1,000-plus employees). This 11-page paper dives into today's top hiring challenges and identifies the skill sets in hot demand.

Among the subjects addressed are:

  • The top IT skills most desperately sought today
  • The biggest perceived challenges in hiring (it isn’t only candidates demanding more money)
  • The most common ways IT organizations find the people they want to interview
  • The job perks large companies are most likely to offer job candidates they fervently want to hire

If you are on the hiring side of the desk, the information here will teach you how your enterprise IT shops can stand out in the hiring pinch. Meanwhile, would-be job seekers can learn to leverage this low-supply, high-demand talent cycle to their greatest career advantage. Give this a read and soon, the only question you'll need to ask (or answer) is, “Can you start on Monday?”