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The new IT playbook: From recovery to resurgence

Experts examine what it means to be resilient and adaptable in the face of disruption—from navigating the immediate complexities of workforce and business upheaval to ideas for reimagining strategy and innovating in a changed world.

Over the past several months, our society has seen disruption like never before. Most enterprises and institutions have had to focus on unforeseen issues, arising daily, and to adapt in real time. But a leadership mindset must go beyond the reactive, to examine how to seize opportunities to thrive, to come out of this disruption stronger and better positioned to win.

This report explores the new imperatives for IT in driving and enabling success in a changed world, and what it means to be resilient and adaptable in the face of disruption—whether that disruption arrives quickly or over a longer period as industries evolve.

First, it looks at immediate responses by organizations and institutions, and the technology implications. Next, experts lay out a longer term view of the opportunities to harness technology to accelerate in the new normal. Finally, it spells out how an as-a-Service approach across all IT—from edge to core to cloud—positions enterprises for whatever comes next.

Here's what you will find inside:

9 steps to the new normal

An IT response to the coronavirus crisis demands both an immediate and longer term crisis management plan that readies the company to succeed in a changed world. We present a nine-step guide.


How COVID-19 accelerated the move to hybrid cloud

The changes wrought in business by the impact of the pandemic make business agility and flexibility the leading necessities in your digital transformation process. A single solution cannot offer the required flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions.

Last-mile challenges to remote work

How to create a consistently functional remote work environment when faced with employees' inconsistent home Internet connections.

Fast-tracking telemedicine with a flexible network

Vancouver Clinic fast-tracks to telemedicine and remote work to deliver patient care.

How the pandemic is driving data literacy

The most observed event in history is rendering insights beyond revelations about the globe-trotting COVID-19 disease.


Digital transformation: A map for the path forward

Organizations must use the lessons they've learned to build and deliver value to customers. A digital journey map helps reprioritize digital initiatives and plot a path forward.

How enterprises need to rethink business continuity planning

Most enterprise organizations have business continuity plans, but it took a global pandemic to expose how full of holes many of them were. In fact, few are able to address the enormity of the current crisis.

Take your workforce to the new normal

The hidden benefits of an external event are forcing organizations to consider ways of working that were once thought unattainable.

Customer experience is digital

It's time to put the customer first across all channels.

We moved quickly to the cloud—now what?

In fast-tracking their move to cloud, organizations may have missed some critical steps. Here's how to ensure cloud success in the long term.

From crisis to brave new world

Operating in the new normal is already a common mantra, but what does it mean? It is only through viewing people, processes, and technology together that decisions should be made about what to keep, what to discard, and what to re-engineer in your organization's operations.