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How the right infrastructure can prepare your data center for business disruptors

IT is changing. Frost and Sullivan shows you how to transform yourself into a flexible, change-resilient organization that can adapt to what hasn't been imagined yet.

In a short time, IT departments have transitioned from supplying services to the business to guiding companies through digital transformation. Technology can enable revenue growth, market expansion and customer satisfaction - and it helps companies innovate and keep their edge. Today, almost all companies are technology companies due to automation and putting processes online. Most have a data center on premises or in the cloud. Most include desktop and mobile solutions. However, to keep pace, business teams need IT to guide them through what's what - and develop a strategy to respond to new technology and approaches from cloud to SaaS to Web to mobile. 

Historically, IT departments have been managing disruptive transitions like:

  • Mainframes to PCs to cloud
  • Desktop devices to laptops to tablets and smartphones
  • Shared drives to collaboration tools
  • “800” numbers to omni-channel support
  • Static Web sites to sophisticated customer and employee portals

But today, disruptors like IoT, AI and Big Data are gaining traction faster than any previous technology. IoT and AI are even being used to manage the data center itself. This contributes to some IT teams struggling to keep pace planning for each disruptor individually in their data centers. They want - and need - a strategy that establishes them as a flexible, “change-resilient” organization, adapting to what's new before it happens. To achieve this, IT needs to invest in infrastructure, operations, and technical skills to prepare their data centers and be ready for what's next. But how do you get there?

Hint: Not through the fork-lift upgrades of the past. 

IT needs to adapt to the disruptors today, what's predicted for the future, and what hasn't yet been imagined. This paper from Frost & Sullivan outlines how new technologies are disrupting your business, how they impact your data center, the ideal IT environment you need for your data center and why composable infrastructure is the answer.