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How banks can turn digitization into a golden opportunity

Business as usual no longer exists for banks. New technologies, industry entrants and generations of customers are revolutionizing the banking process, creating both challenges and great opportunities for financial institutions.

How banks can thrive in a world of digital services, currencies and consumers. Report - 6.6 MB - 70 Pages

Digital disruption is fueling industry evolution like never before. Innovative banks are using technology to improve customer experiences, enhance their products and services, and streamline core operations, thereby strengthening their position in the market even amid FinTech start-ups beginning to stake their own claim.

Transforming a centuries-old institution steeped in tradition won’t be easy, but there’s no other option. The banks that succeed are the ones that embrace the disruption and use technology to turn digitization into opportunity.

This 70-page in-depth report delivers the industry-specific insights and practical advice you need to determine your steps toward digital transformation. The report covers the following chapters:

  • One for all, all for FinTechs - When FinTechs started entering the financial industry, banks were hesitant to welcome them with open arms. Now, they are realizing the potential opportunities these agile start-ups bring to a stalwart industry.
  • The currency exchange - An always-connected populace has invented a new way to exchange money that requires zero input or oversight from financial institutions and governments. Is this the beginning of the end for fiat currency?
  • Mind over money - As banks identify ways in which they can become more digitally minded, they can’t afford to forget their key differentiator — a solid customer base — in the process.
  • Opportunity means risk - Digital banking creates new security concerns, which in turn yield opportunities.

This report explores the immediate implications for the banking: 

  • Customers come first. When it comes to the digitization of the financial industry, all signs point directly to the customer. As their needs adapt to the digital era, banks must follow suit, while still offering the secure, trusted, reliable experiences consumers of all generations have come to expect.
  • Disruption represents an unprecedented opportunity. Unlike the past drivers of change, disruption will fuel innovation and ingenuity, as proactive problem-solving replaces reactionary quick fixes. Thus, banks need to rethink their security measures, adopting a from-the-ground-up, holistic approach to protection, and reallocating funds and resources accordingly.
  • Data should inform decisions. Banks decide their own fates in this new digital landscape — if they accept the new way of conducting business. By analyzing data and using resulting insights to inform business decisions and customer offerings, banks are better positioned to partner with FinTechs.

 Digital disruption is, in essence, the dawn of the Great Progression — and banks are in control of their destinies. Despite myriad challenges, banks are well positioned for growth. Get this report today to learn more.

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