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Healthcare Rx: How technology and IoT can help fix a broken system

Healthcare can't get by on bandage fixes anymore. This 35-page industry report explores how innovation across technology and IoT can help fix a broken system.

Aging populations. Shrinking tax bases. Increases in chronic conditions. For some time, healthcare has been suffering from a host of ailments. The system is fragmented and becoming more dysfunctional, fracturing under the weight of multiple stresses.

However, healthcare’s ailments may prove to be its cure, as the convergence of these realities has created the need for innovative, integrated delivery models, predictive analytics, remote monitoring, telemedicine solutions and data-sharing solutions across the continuum of care. 

Download this 35-page industry report today to learn more about:

  • Security of healthcare data
  • Emphasis on prevention and wellness instead of sick care
  • Adaptation of legacy systems to digital systems
  • Information-based healthcare
  • Patient empowerment and self-management

From the operating room to the back office, we are seeing the end of traditional healthcare as we know it, and the birth of a new age of medicine. In the new normal, healthcare will shift from sick care to wellness and prevention, as patients, equipped with wearables that deliver a wealth of medical information at their fingertips, will actively collaborate with clinicians in their care. Medicine will be precisely prescribed to DNA profiles, with predictions and interventions dependent on the accumulation and analysis of data.

Healthcare's coming reboot

For healthcare and humanity, the possibilities for a healthier world are unprecedented, and so is IT’s role in realizing them. On IT’s shoulders rests multiple responsibilities, including implementing system interoperability and seamless data sharing, ensuring everything stays secure. It’s a tall order. What’s more, before healthcare can truly enter the digitally driven, information-based new age of medicine, it must collectively overcome its self-inflicted drag on disruption.

In this report, the following topics are covered: 

  • Healthcare needs healing: Fracturing under the weight of multiple stresses, the healthcare industry is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. Yet the very things that ail healthcare may also prove to be its cure.
  • Care without boundaries: From remote monitoring to specialized apps, technology is taking medicine beyond traditional clinical settings and creating a new continuum of care.
  • Prevention is priceless: More and more, payers and providers understand that prevention can help save lives and cut costs — potentially by trillions of dollars.
  • Power to the patient: Equipped with wearables and smartphones that deliver a wealth of medical information, the digital patient will help orchestrate his or her own care.