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The top emerging technologies that will shape our future

We are at the start of a computing revolution that will change how we live, conduct business, and run governments.

The top emerging digital technologies and key insights for enterprise business leaders. Report - 17.3 MB - 99 Pages

The digital world is at a tipping point. Rates of change in technology and business are outstripping our ability to comprehend them. Never before have so many new technologies and paradigms converged at the same time.

As IT and business strategy converge, traditional assumptions about forecasting, planning, and competitive advantage are going out the window, forcing companies to rethink all that they do.

How will these emerging technologies impact our lives and businesses in the coming years? Download this 99-page in-depth report to explore key lessons for leaders.

Navigating next in a world where everything computes

We are at the start of a computing revolution that will change how we live, conduct business and run governments.

What does it all add up to? With so many technologies and drivers converging at one time, no one answer will suffice. However, we are clearly on the verge of a computing revolution that will change how we live, conduct business and run our governments. Here are just a few things to expect in this report:

  • Humans and machines will renegotiate their relationship. With the rise of machine intelligence, leaders will manage workforces that are part human, part machine. Learning how to best capitalize on the types of intelligence each brings to the table will be the key to success.
  • The boundaries between real and virtual worlds will blur. Where the virtual meets the real, we have augmented reality, a hybrid world that creates new possibilities for customer experiences and worker productivity. We will interact with our computers — and they will respond — in ways previously possible only in the realm of make-believe.
  • Security will take center stage. As companies, consumers and individuals, we are rapidly losing sight of where our data resides, who owns it and how it gets used. In the age of smart machines in constant communication, security can no longer be a bolt-on afterthought. Going forward, security will become more dynamic and predictive. Effective security paradigms will resemble biological immune systems more than walled fortresses.
  • Everything will compute. Manufacturing will increasingly be enabled by 3D printing, advanced analytics and the IoT. Manufacturers will create customized products made in local hubs using designer materials whose properties allow for super strength, flexibility, heat resistance — you name it. Or rather, your customer does.

Lessons for leaders

Taken together, the trends explored in this report reveal many key insights for enterprise leaders, including:

  1. Focus is everything. Future computing platforms will handle data sets and analytics that we can barely imagine today. As the rate of business and technological change accelerates, companies will need to trim peripheral activities ruthlessly in order to focus on the partnerships, alliances and acquisitions that create real value.
  2. It’s all about the ecosystem. As industries transform, production will increasingly be distributed across broad ecosystems of specialized digital players. Now would be a good time to optimize your manufacturing and supply chain for customized production in real time. If you’re in a services industry, invest in deepening your core IP and developing a flexible ecosystem to provide contextual services around your core.
  3. Human intelligence matters more than ever. As machines do the work of today’s data scientists, humans will be prized for their innate ability to create value by synthesizing insights across disciplines. Companies will need to hire not just STEM graduates, but also humanists steeped in design thinking and the liberal arts.

Download the full report now to explore all the lessons for leaders.