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Accelerating the future

The race to stay ahead in an increasingly digital world

We explore all that's needed to make your digital transformation successful—from strategies for your workforce to how to ensure your tech is secure.

One undeniable effect of the pandemic is the sudden embrace of digital transformation. Enterprises of all types and sizes have sped up their digital plans to meet with the new reality: remote workforces, remote customers and partners, and just about everything needing to run digitally. Leadership teams everywhere have pulled projects off the planning schedule and put them into high gear.

This issue of The Doppler is designed to help you navigate all that involves, from how to establish and achieve your main goals to ensuring that your systems are set up in the most secure way possible. We also reconsider the principles and guideposts of digital transformation itself, a worthwhile topic considering the various ways that people use the term digital transformation.

What you will find inside:

Is your company achieving business outcomes or following the herd?

Here's how to execute a successful digital transformation strategy with the digital journey map.

Five strategic patterns for successful digital transformation

A new study gives guidance businesses can reuse and adapt as they pursue their digital strategies.

Transform your customer experience to unleash your company's full potential

Practical insights for companies trying to disrupt their own business models before someone else does.

Don't go it alone. Three successful strategies for making partnerships work.

Successful innovation in the digital economy increasingly requires an ecosystem of partners.

The reimagined workplace

Predictions and recommendations for the future of work.

Zero trust makes business secure by default

As enterprises turn to hybrid IT, they find that conventional identity and access management doesn't keep up.

Shifting IT from a center of operation to a center of innovation

The key components of Allergan's digital journey.

A data fabric enables a comprehensive data strategy

A data-driven enterprise needs a strong foundation for managing and working with data regardless of format or location.

Accelerating the intelligent enterprise

Harnessing the power of SAP to guide your digital transformation.