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There’s no turning back, and no reason anyone would want to. The edge, bursting with data, is the future.

About 80 percent of all data will be processed at the source—primarily at the edge—by 2025. Computer capabilities at the edge, packed with ever-advancing artificial intelligence, are growing at a brisk clip. Put simply, the edge is changing almost everything about how people live and work, from advances in vehicles and retail stores to edge-powered manufacturing plants and sports stadiums.

To help you navigate this quickly changing landscape, we created this special issue of The Doppler. It’s devoted to explaining the edge, showing it in action, and helping you take steps to ensure your enterprise thrives tomorrow.


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Set yourself up for success

To win at the edge, you need to really understand what it’s all about. We start there, then dive into how to set your priorities and boost your bottom line.

What is the edge, really? We asked our experts

For 21st century enterprises, the edge is where innovation and inspiration begin. 

Your edge, your future

Building the intelligent edge means making intelligent choices.

Making the edge boost your bottom line

Expertise combined with an as-a-service model can help you overcome hurdles to achieve success at the edge.

Getting your priorities right

A common language across stakeholder groups is critical to moving the right initiatives forward.

Rethink your IT assumptions

As the edge evolves, so do the technological approaches. Read on to learn about AI, managing complexity, new security demands, and more.

AI sharpens its edge

As artificial intelligence applications continue to shrink, they’re increasingly appearing in a device near you.

Portability at the edge: One size doesn't fit all

Container technologies can provide significant benefits in edge use cases—but know the implications before you start.

Crushing complexity with automation

New automation technologies provide a way to effectively manage the complexities of evolving edge infrastructures.

Meeting new security demands

Many organizations are using SASE and SD-WAN to turn their hybrid cloud networks inside out.

The edge in action

The edge is already changing how enterprises function, from healthcare to retailers and manufacturers. Here’s how some of our customers are putting the edge to work.

Advancing medicine with AI at the edge

Swarm learning techniques for decentralizing analysis and sharing insights can bring game-changing acceleration to the pace of discovery.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team proves the value of the edge

Succeeding in the high-tech world of F1 means making use of millions of data points.

Lessons for retailers: Finding opportunities in challenging times

The pandemic forced retailers of all sizes to rethink their businesses. One solution: the ‘hyper-aware’ store.

KEMET Electronics confronts aging infrastructure by embracing digital transformation

Transformation demands a modern infrastructure and the latest technology. That was an issue for this electronic components supplier.

How Nestlé is taking advantage of autonomous technology

Q&A: Nestlé’s Ralf Hagen is digitally transforming several of the company’s German factories and supply chains in record time—and he doesn’t plan on slowing down. 

Behind Disney’s immersive attractions: A whole lot of data and edge computing

The engineering director who helps make the magic happen shares how Disney uses enterprise technology in its attractions—and how working in aerospace has served him well.

Hyper-aware smart buildings: The future of automation

Standardized IT protocols will drive the evolution of building automation.

A growing augmented reality

Need to quickly tackle a problem or train people on complex systems from afar? Augmented reality can prove invaluable.

Where’s all this going? Six predictions

The edge is going to change the way we interact with one another and the world.

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