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The state of enterprise cloud adoption

What we’ve learned about how to get it right

About this Report 

In the next two years, more than half the world’s data will be created, managed, and analyzed at the edge. Your ability to connect, analyze, protect, and act on all your data—wherever it is—will be the key to your success.

Throughout your digital transformation journey, you will face opportunities, risks, and decisions. The way forward isn't dependent on eliminating risk but rather on understanding and managing it and taking strategic risks.

This edition of The Doppler looks at how you can focus resources on building the right capabilities to support your business goals. With a common language to engage stakeholders, prioritize resources, and deliver continuous progress toward best practice, you can move forward faster.


Measuring enterprise cloud maturity

We examine the domains of capability required to deliver a cloud experience across all IT—and we look at where enterprises currently are in implementing these capabilities.

Where we can improve

We take a closer look at some of the best practices and obstacles to progress we’re seeing most across strategy, operations, security, and people. 

Security: The foundation for transformation success

Effective transformation to an agile cloud operating model demands updated controls, governance, and skill sets. Many companies struggle on this front.

Develop a blueprint for successful transformations

Smart transformation projects boil down to smart strategy. Figure out what you need to address before you start.

Evolve your operating model to succeed at digital transformation

You don't need to be born in the cloud to have a cloud operating model.

Investing in people is key to successful transformation

These four people-related factors will determine whether your transformation progresses or stalls.

Lessons from success

No two transformations are alike. We highlight some examples from the journeys our customers are on. 

Transforming energy at Suncor

Canada's largest integrated energy company is using cloud to reinvent every aspect of its business.

Transforming healthcare at Texas Children's Hospital

The largest pediatric hospital in the U.S. is using the power of the cloud to innovate and improve patient care.

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