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Your handbook for cloud success

The steps you need to navigate your cloud-everywhere transformation

About the report

Consider: Fully 70 percent of apps and data remain outside the public cloud, due to data gravity latency, IP protection, and more.

That's why the next wave of digital transformation is all about viewing cloud as an experience that can be brought to your IT assets, wherever they reside.

The upshot: the opportunity to unlock the value of all your apps and data, turning them into a source of innovation as we progress into the age of insight.

Hybrid cloud projects: A detailed roadmap

To execute on the right cloud transformation strategy, be clear on your objectives.

When you embark on a cloud transformation journey, getting started without a defined destination in mind, or identified steps to lead you there, is a recipe for disaster. Organizations that want to undertake a cloud-everywhere transformation should ask themselves a fundamental question: “Just what kind of transformation—or transformations—will we need to accomplish?” Or put more simply, “Why are we doing this?” 


Preparing your people for a successful cloud transformation

Your people can be your biggest obstacle. Here are practical steps to help you navigate challenges.

Modernizing applications for the cloud experience everywhere

Practical guidelines to help you balance transformative investments while keeping the best of what you have.

Finding the right mix of IT resources

Haphazard approaches to hybrid cloud and modernization typically result in a less-than-optimal―and costly―mishmash of resources. Here's how to fix that.

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