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Your handbook for cloud success

While the public cloud fueled the first wave of digital transformation, offering speed and agility to build new applications and capabilities, it only gets you so far.

In fact, fully 70 percent of apps and data remain outside the public cloud, due to data gravity, latency, IP protection, and more. Which is why the next wave of digital transformation is all about viewing cloud as an experience that can be brought to your IT investments, wherever they reside.

The upshot: the opportunity to unlock the value of all your apps and data, turning them into a source of innovation as we progress into the age of insight.

This edition of The Doppler focuses on the steps you need to take to successfully navigate your transformation to the cloud-everywhere experience and best practices that can help you along the way.

What you will find inside:

  • Before you start, map out the journey –There are many reasons to drive a cloud transformation. To execute on the right strategy, be clear on yours.
  • Planning the next steps in your cloud journey –Effective cloud transformation is based on an understanding of where you are and where you're going next.
  • Enable your people for a successful cloud transformation –People are key to a successful transformation, but they can also be your biggest obstacle. Here are practical steps to help you navigate the change.
  • Finding the right mix of IT for your workloads –Is your cloud strategy built on a solid business case? A data-driven approach to workload placement will help you proceed with confidence.
  • Modernizing applications for the cloud-everywhere experience –Practical guidelines to help you balance transformative investments while keeping the best of what you have.
  • Cloud-first operations require a new approach to governance –Sound governance is the basis of all cloud operations. So, to bring the cloud experience to all your IT, you need to update your existing governance policies.
  • Putting continuous improvement into practice –Continuous improvement is a seasoned concept that has taken on new resonance in cloud operations.