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Now hear this: 14 tech podcasts to add to your playlist

Bookmark this resource of top tech podcasts—a mix of fan favorites, young upstarts, and hidden gems.

By the end of 2019—not as long ago as it sounds—podcasts were so hot that people were talking about an audio bubble about to burst. Who didn't have a podcast? Obviously, that's not what happened. Instead, podcast production amped up from an estimated 715,000 in 2019 to 850,000 in 2020, according to

With the format more popular than ever, we set out to compile our second annual list of podcast recommendations. As we did last year, we searched pages featuring "best tech podcasts of 2020" lists to find the five podcasts that came up most often. Our winners this year include two of last year's faves and three new ones.

According to our findings, here are the top five fan-favorite technology podcasts:

No. 1: Ted Talks Technology

Last year's ranking: No. 2

Show description: Some of the world's leading inventors and researchers share demos, breakthroughs, and visions onstage at the TED conference, TEDx events, and partner events around the world.

Briefly: It's the TED Talks you love. The listener version adheres to their mission of sharing "ideas worth spreading."

Why listen: With more than 3,600 talks on the site, you'll find topics that inform, inspire, and spark your imagination, from "Deep learning, neural networks, and the future of AI" to "Will the ocean ever run out of fish."

Start with this episode: How cities are detoxing transportation

No. 2: a16z

Last year's ranking: Unranked

Show description: The a16z Podcast is the go-to place for discussions about technology, innovation, and change as it impacts all our lives, covering everything from tech trends and culture to company building for companies of all sizes.

Briefly: Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs turned venture capitalists (Andreessen Horowitz, or a16z), lead discussions around tech and culture trends, news, and the future. Industry experts, business leaders, and other thinkers and voices from around the world join them in every episode.

Why listen: "I like their perspective because it balances pure technology factors with the investors' broader business point of view." – Forbes

Start with this episode: Of emojis and innovation

No. 3: Back to Work

Last year's ranking: Unranked

Show description: Back to Work is an award-winning talk show discussing productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more.

Briefly: Back to Work is part of the 5x5 podcast family, making "podcasts for geeks, designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs, and people like you."

Why listen: "During Back to Work, you'll find yourself contemplating the meaning of your job, revamping your productivity practices, and often laughing hysterically at the hosts' frantic and friendly banter." – The Muse

Start with this episode: Lifestyle Billy Butcher

No. 4: Accidental Tech Podcast

Last year's ranking: No. 5

Show description: "A tech podcast we accidentally created while trying to do a car show."

Briefly: Three developers—Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa—talk tech from pop culture to deep DevOps discussions. Each episode includes many topics, follow-ups to audience questions and comments, and a #askatp section.

Why listen: "ATP, as the show is known to its legions of fans, is a true tech podcast phenomena. The three hosts are all developers, so they really know their stuff, and following their in-depth conversations feels like you have a backstage pass to a gathering of the best of the best in the industry." – The Muse

Start with this episode: A bomb on your home screen

No. 5: Tech Swamp

Last year's ranking: Unranked

Show description: "We're coming at you twice a month to talk top headlines, tech history, and the latest policy news in the U.S., EU, and around the globe! We also explore what all of the things mean for app developers and innovators."

Briefly: Tech Swamp offers a bite of tech history, a skim of top headlines, and a deeper dive into tech policy and innovation.

Why listen: "This podcast does an amazing job of discussing the latest tech developments and diving into the history of innovation. Most importantly, it also explores what these things mean for those in the industry. I can't recommend it enough!" – Forbes

Start with this episode: Episode 35: Includes policy discussion, "Is telehealth a fixture now? Only if Congress acts."


Fresh casts: Nine bonus podcast recs

The following podcasts are team favorites, up-and-coming finds, and gems flying under the radar. They serve up fresh tech voices with engaging perspectives that help us understand technology in an innovative, provocative, and entertaining way.

Darknet Diaries

Show description: This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network.

Briefly: True stories from the dark side of the Internet. It's Serial meets Technology Untangled.

Why listen: "Though the episodes are often startlingly short, condensing stories into 30 minutes that could easily justify a full hour, Rhysider's hypnotic narration and deep expertise creates results that are never less than gripping." – The New York Times

Start with this episode: The Beirut Bank Job

Function with Anil Dash

Show description: From mental health to algorithmic bias, entrepreneur Anil Dash talks to developers, designers, and culture experts to understand the ways tech is changing culture and what it means for us.

Briefly: Produced by Vox and Glitch, Dash talks to people "who make technology we use and see how that technology impacts our culture."

Why listen: "Anil brings his diverse background to all sorts of interesting topics. His deep dives cover subjects from memes to voting. Worth the time to listen to this one!" – Apple podcast listener review

Start with this episode: American as apple pie: How racism gets baked into technology

The Six Five

Show description: Leading global tech analysts Patrick Moorhead (Moor Insights & Strategy) and Daniel Newman (Futurum Research) are front and center on The Six Five analyzing the tech industry's biggest news each and every week and also conducting interviews with tech industry insiders on a regular basis.

Briefly: Six handpicked topics, each covered for five minutes.

Why listen: Two top industry analysts discuss the week's biggest news and get the scoop from tech industry insiders.

Start with this episode: We've got the Intel

CIO in the Know

Show description: CIOs and fellow executives who bring fresh perspectives. Discussions are both provocative and pragmatic while focusing on the intersection of business and technology.

Briefly: Stimulating and compelling conversations that both inspire and fuel new thinking for the CIO and executive team.

Why listen: Get inside the mind of C-suite leaders. Tips, lessons, and road maps for business and technology teams.

Start with this episode: Unique CIO opportunities in times of crisis with Jerry McGlynn


Show description: Recode's Kara Swisher and NYU professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no one else.

Briefly: From New York Magazine, Swisher and Galloway mull over the latest tech news and trends.

Why listen: Swisher's and Galloway's strong personalities make the roughly hour-long pod fly as they dissect the latest news in technology and business.

Start with this episode: Airbnb's IPO, Amazon breaks into the pharmacy business, and predictions on a CNN sale

The following four bonus recs are from Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The first three were launched in 2020. The Element Podcast came on the scene in 2018; the latest series first aired in November 2020 and discusses the future of work.

Technology Untangled

Show description: Every two weeks, Michael Bird untangles technology innovation through a series of interviews and stories with some of the industry's brightest brains.

Briefly: Technology Untangled deciphers the evolution of tech with one simple question in mind: What's really going to shape our future and what's going to end up in the bargain bin with the floppy disc?

Why listen: No marketing-speak, no unnecessary jargon. This is real tech talk from the people who know it inside and out.

Start with this episode: AI: Should you start looking for a new job?

HPE Tech Talk

Show description: HPE news, tech insights, and world-class innovations are revealed in dynamic interviews with HPE's foremost thought leaders and change-makers who are propelling businesses and industries forward.

Briefly: Experts from HPE and other companies talk about hot tech topics and solutions. They explore how to meet business needs in this rapidly changing world.

Why listen: Host Robert Christiansen, VP, strategy, Office of the CTO, at HPE, offers an engaging, fast-paced interview that articulates how technology is changing and what's ahead.

Start with this episode: Breaking through the blur of compute options

HPE Tech Talk, SMB

Show description: A new podcast for small and midsize businesses that highlights the latest from HPE—news, technology, insights, announcements, customer stories, and more—all lasered in on the trends that matter most to your company.

Briefly: A podcast dedicated to small and midsize business needs, focusing on tech topics and solutions that matter most to SMB leaders.

Why listen: Each episode features insights on issues facing SMBs, talking with technical experts for deeper discussions to keep you in the know.

Start with this episode: Cybersecurity: How to protect yourself

The Element Podcast

Show description: Demystifying the tech behind today's headlines by talking directly to the experts and business leaders driving the trends.

Briefly: Hear from the world's top tech innovators, thought leaders, and disruptors as they discuss the latest trends and unearth opportunities for you and your business today and in the future.

Why listen: Each session is hosted by a tech expert who interviews leaders in technology about the latest industry innovations and the future of technology.

Start with this episode: The future of remote life

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