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Healthcare clinicians, patients embrace technology

Telehealth has skyrocketed in recent months, paving the way for greater acceptance of technology in healthcare delivery. This episode of The Element looks at how the shift will drive better, safer, more efficient care.

From increased use of telemedicine to the launch of new medical apps and digital platforms, the pandemic has driven incredible advances in healthcare in just a few short months. Perhaps most important, it has led to "a revolution in the way patients see healthcare," says Rich Bird, worldwide strategic event marketing manager for healthcare and life sciences at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The urgency of finding safe and efficient ways to diagnose and treat patients during the pandemic has removed barriers to digital healthcare technologies and services―for both clinicians and patients, agrees Missy Ostendorf, global sales and business development practice manager at Cerner Corp., a provider of IT health products and services.

"Telehealth is not new," Ostendorf says. "The larger shift is in adoption." Among Cerner clients, use of telehealth applications has increased some 855 percent since March, she says, noting one client went from fewer than five telehealth visits a day to 100 visits a day.

"Now, everyone is willing to try doing things differently, in a more technological way," she says, from pre-visit screenings via text to triaging patients at home, saving time and countless visits to the emergency room.

And acceptance of digital healthcare services will continue to grow, Bird and Ostendorf say, as clinicians and patients increasingly see that the technology works and they gain more confidence using it.

In this episode of The Element, they join host professor Sally Eaves, founder of Aspirational Futures, in a discussion on how the pandemic is driving greater adoption of healthcare technology and why that shift promises to advance medical discoveries, increase health system efficiencies, and ensure better patient outcomes now and in the future.


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