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Champions for change

Pro golf champ Michelle Wie West, seven-time Formula One winner Lewis Hamilton, and world soccer legend Megan Rapinoe share how they're using their voice to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Professional golf champion Michelle Wie West was 4 years old when she knew golf would be her life's pursuit. Race car driver Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One winner, began racing remote cars as a child and caught the racing bug after getting behind the wheel of a go-kart at a local fair. Soccer legend Megan Rapinoe got serious about her sport in high school, where she first realized she was good at soccer and saw it as a path to college.

While their passions were sparked in different ways, these world champions have one thing in common: They're all using their voice to make a difference in the world.

"If we can encourage one person and that person encourages another person, then along the line, it's a lot of people making change, moving forward," Lewis says.

Wie West adds, "It's when people that don't look like you, people that aren't like you, [are speaking out], I think that's when the message becomes louder, it becomes clearer, and it becomes definitely more important."

HPE—long committed to diversity, equity, and inclusivity— brought together Wie West, Hamilton, Rapinoe, and panel host Danny Hornigold for a discussion about how the athletes broke barriers in their sports and are now using their platforms to advocate for change.

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