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Advance your sustainability agenda

We all have to live on this planet. Let's work to make sure it's around for a long time.

Sustainability is a force for good—and business value. Enterprises that link digital transformation and sustainability are 2.5 times more likely to be among tomorrow's strongest performing businesses. In the following stories, we explore ways to make a meaningful impact by operating at peak efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint, upcycling as part of the circular economy, and advancing your environmental, social, and governance goals.

Sustainable IT: Reducing energy use in a data-hungry world

IT operations have seen huge gains in energy efficiency, but much more is possible.

Racing with a purpose: How social equity drives sustainability

ROKiT Venturi Racing's Susie Wolff joins HPE's Brian Tippens to discuss the relationship between environmental and social issues and the imperative for companies to make positive changes on both fronts.

Energy innovation: Increasing efficiencies across the enterprise

Governments around the world are getting serious about climate change and laying out some tough environmental targets. In the U.S., the Biden administration has pledged to cut emissions by more than 50 percent of 2005 levels by 2030, and the U.K. has pledged a 78 percent reduction by 2035. Here's how we'll get there.

Smart cities: What it takes to build one

Smart city initiatives promise to attract people and businesses to cities, modernize infrastructure, reduce costs, increase accessibility, and protect the environment. But to move from concept to reality, investment and shared commitment are key.

How edge-to-cloud computing powers smart grids and smart cities

A smart city, built on a smart grid, demonstrates how different functions are best run at the edge, in the cloud, or on premises.

The edge is on your mango: Energy harvesting and IoT

Devices that collect energy from their surroundings are a foundation for a connected world of smarter things.

Solving the AI efficiency conundrum

It's well known that model training uses a lot of energy, but so does using it in the field. Both sides can be optimized.

Digital transformation: A map for the path forward

Organizations must use the lessons they've learned to build and deliver value to customers. A digital journey map helps reprioritize digital initiatives and plot a path forward.

The future is in the cloud─and the cloud is in a colo

Enterprises worldwide are moving their data center operations to colocation providers, reshaping enterprise computing and the future of the internet.

Sally Eaves on building the future with ethical tech

Professor Sally Eaves, an emerging-tech leader and international advocate for opening access to opportunity, shares her thoughts on STEAM education, the importance of mentoring, and the pyramids.

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