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18 digital transformation leaders to follow on Twitter

Follow these influential experts to get a direct line into what the best minds in the business think of the latest digital trends.

Technology is changing the world at an unprecedented pace for both consumers and businesses. To survive and thrive, IT professionals need to be ahead of the curve when it comes to digital transformation.

One of the best ways to stay on top of this rapidly evolving world is by following its leaders on Twitter. In no particular order, here are 18 influential experts whose insights you won't want to miss: 

Eva Appelbaum

Listed by Marketing Week among its Vision 100, which recognizes "innovative leadership," Eva Appelbaum uses Twitter to explain how digital tech is transforming the way we work. She formerly served as Amnesty International’s first digital communications director before becoming Group M’s Asia-Pacific social media director. As  head of digital marketing transformation at the BBC , Appelbaum set up the broadcaster's well-regarded Digital Marketing Lab.

Maribel Lopez

A prolific tweeter, Maribel Lopez offers a mixture of advice and news on tech trends like big data and the Internet of Things. With 25% of the Fortune 20 using the expertise of the research company Lopez founded, it is easy to see why she is a sought-after speaker on the conference circuit. A former employee of Motorola, IDC and Forrester, Lopez is the author of Right-Time Experiences: Driving Revenue with Mobile and Big Data.

Michael Krigsman

As founder of the highly influential online video series CxOTalk, Michael Krigsman has a lot to say about digital transformation and uses Twitter to highlight industry changes and news from conferences he is attending. Krigsman wears many hats, including advisor, analyst, advocate and blogger. He specializes in advising CIOs about innovation and business transformation. 

Marc Andreessen

Andreessen, who has tweeted over 100,00 times and has almost 600,000 followers, is one of the most recognizable figures in the technology industry. He has tweeted on everything from Edward Snowden to cloud computing. Andreessen, who sits on the board of directors of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, founded Netscape back in the 1990s. Today he's an investor with his venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Martha Heller

Listed as one of the top CIO influencers in a recent report by Apollo Research, Martha Heller is the founder and president of Heller Search Associates, a recruiting firm that specializes in CIO and IT leadership roles across all industries. Heller uses Twitter to highlight key moves within the tech industry. Heller was formerly executive editor of CIO magazine and is a well-known presence on the speaking circuit.  Her latest book, Be the Business, looks at how successful CIOs operate in a climate where technology belongs to everyone.

Chris Curran

It's clear from Chris Curran's Twitter feed that the chief technologist at PricewaterhouseCoopers has his finger on the pulse of tech — from the latest smartphone rumors to developments in blockchain technology and much more. As tech strategy and innovation lead at PwC, Curran helps to define the business and technology transformation agenda for his clients. He's also a regular contributor to publications like the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the New York Times.

JJ de la Torre

With over 46,000 Twitter followers, Juan Jose (JJ) de la Torre is one of the most followed voices in the digital transformation industry. He uses that platform to highlight industry changes as well as new research and links to his own regular appearances on the conference circuit.  His day job is digital transformation leader for IBM in the Middle East and Africa.

Isaac Sacolick

Isaac Sacolick uses Twitter to publish irreverent takes on major tech trends. while engaging in debates with others in the industry on hot topics. Listed by the Huffington Post as one of the Top 100 Social CIOs on Twitter, Scaolick is currently an advisory board member for Stafford & Associates LLC. He is best known as an expert in digital transformation who specializes in big data, business intelligence, search and social networking. 

Bertrand Duperrin

A bilingual Tweeter, Bertrand Duperrin covers digital transformation in French and English. He shares links to his own blog as well as updates to The Bertrand Duperrin Daily, a selection of curated content about digital transformation and the broader tech industry. Duperrin is a well-respected digital consultant and thought leader who last year joined the French digital communications agency Emakina as digital transformation practice leader. Duperrin is also a member of the AIIM expert bloggers community.

Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee's Twitter followers include industry leaders like Marc Andreessen and Robert Scoble.  An MIT scientist, McAfee studies how digital technologies impact business, society and the economy. He co-authored The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies, and co-founded the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. 

David A. Bray

Federal Communications Commission leader David A. Bray took first place on the Huffington Post's 2016 list of Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter. He blasts his views on digital transformation out to more than 110,000 followers about  should happen. Bray is a guest lecturer at Harvard University and was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader in 2016.

Nigel Fenwick

As Forrester’s principal analyst serving CIOs, Nigel Fenwick gets how technology is transforming the business landscape. Fenwick shares a broad spectrum of news from the technology industry and highlights information that can help companies improve their operations. Fenwick has more than 30 years experience in the industry and is regularly quoted  the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times and Advertising Age. He is also a regular keynote speaker at executive marketing and technology events around the world.

Zaheer Nooruddin

Co-author of the book The Social Media MBA, Nooruddin is a respected voice in the industry. Bringing a huge amount of experience to his social presence, he uses Twitter to give his own spin on industry news, specializing in news emerging from the Asia Pacific region. Nooruddin is currently head of digital transformation at Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company. He recently co-founded METTA, Hong Kong’s invite-only platform for digital entrepreneurs, talent, investors and brands. Nooruddin has a wealth of experience working with companies across Asia, most recently as head of digital innovation at Golin. He previously launched and ran Edelman Digital in China.

Tim Minahan

Minahan brings deep enterprise software experience to his Twitter feed, which stands out for its smart curation of relevant news in the space.. As chief marketing officer of SAP's cloud unit, he helped guide the software giant's successful transition to the cloud.  Today he serves as CMO at U.S. software company Citrix. Minihan is also on the board of Made in a Free World, a nonprofit that uses network and big data technology to detect and reduce the use of forced labor in global supply chains.

Tim Grieveson

Named to the Huffington Post’s 2014 list of the Top 100 Social CIOs on Twitter, Tim Grieveson is a prolific commentator and blogger on everything that impacts the life of a CIO. He tweets industry news on topics like cyber security, blockchain technology and regulatory changes in the industry. Currently the chief cyber strategist for EMEA within the Enterprise Security Products division at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Grieveson is also on the advisory board for the U.K.'s Information System Security Association (ISSA). He was honored as CIO of the Year by the EC-Council in 2013.

Thomas Winter

Based in Zurich, Thomas Winter operates as global digital strategy and sales transformation executive at Cisco, a company he has worked for since 2000. On Twitter he uses that experience to curate news, research and studies on how technology is changing the way we work. For the past six years he has travelled the world as a keynote speaker focused on digital transformation, digital sales, social selling and large-scale change.

Charlene Li

Named by Apollo Research as one of the top three industry analysts followed by their peers, Charlene Li uses Twitter to talk about industry changes as well as updates about her hobbies, which include winemaking. The author of five books on the topic of digital disruption, Li was also named one of Fast Company's Most Influential Women in Technology.

Christian McMahon

Named by Cisco as a digital transformation leader to watch, Christian McMahon also appeared on the Huffington Post's 2016 list of the Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter. McMahon uses Twitter to share ideas and thoughts on how CIOs can change the way they work, collating news from a range of sources. McMahon also advises the European Commission, helping shape policies that impact how businesses use technology.

Staying abreast of change in the digital world can be a daunting task, but it always helps to know what the best minds in business think of the latest tech trends. Keep yourself informed about the latest digital business transformation news and trends that could shape the industry by following these leaders on Twitter today. 

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