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10 inspiring videos about digital transformation

These presentations and keynotes have a message to every business large and small: Get on the digital train now, or be left at the station forever.

If you're not thinking about digital transformation today, it might be too late. Your competition is already preparing for digital disruption, a trend that has led to the disappearance of half of the Fortune 500 since the turn of the century. The message to every business large and small: Get on the digital train now, or be left at the station forever.

Naturally, the web is abuzz with in-depth discussions about digital transformation. There's no better way to get your bearings than to watch and listen to the experts in this field. Online videos of conference keynotes, panel discussions, and Q&As abound, and can offer some fantastic insights into why and how companies should tackle the transitions inherent in the digital age.

There is no single road map you can follow because each company pursuing digital transformation follows a different path to success. The ideas shared in these 10 presentations, however, can get you headed in the right direction.

1. “Digital Disruption. Digital Transformation,” Karl-Heinz Streibich, Innovation World 2015

In his book The Digital Enterprise, Software AG CEO Karl-Heinz Streibich delivers a primer on how to digitize your organization, with case studies of nearly two dozen companies that have made the leap successfully. In this recording of his Innovation World 2015 keynote, he goes a step further, explaining why digital enterprises are so disruptive to traditional business models.

In a word, it’s all about efficiency. Streibich lays out the evidence, including reduction of process lead times from days to hours, increased speed of customer onboarding, and shortened approval times, to name a few. He then walks through a series of core efficiency drivers: a globally shared economy, standardization, digitally driven transparency, acceleration of the business cycle, cost reductions, and enhanced creativity.

“Going digital is not just an IT project; it’s a new way of doing business,” Streibich declares. By the end of his presentation, it will be one you’re ready to embrace.


2. “Flipping the Switch,” Frank Gens, Digital Transformation Conference 2016

In a recent IDC FutureScape report, the market intelligence firm predicted the emergence of a "digital transformation economy."

In this presentation, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst Frank Gens outlines eight emerging digital trends and explains how IT leaders can leverage them over the next three years to help their organizations move toward digital transformation. Among the eye-opening predictions: By 2018, more than half of enterprise IT spending will be on third-platform tech, solutions, and services (mobile, cloud, etc.). Installed Internet of Things (IoT) devices will top 30 billion within four years.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a blueprint for positioning your company as a leader in the digitally transformed economy.


3. “The Digital Transformation of Industries,” various speakers, Davos 2016

In this panel conversation, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman, Schneider Electric CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire, Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson, and Alcoa CEO Klaus Kleinfeld discuss digital transformation in the context of their respective businesses.

Each of these blue-chip panelists talks in turn about how their organization has had to adapt to digital disruption, detailing the changes they have had to make to their business models, their processes, and, most important, their mindsets. They share the challenges they faced and their keys to success before taking questions from the audience. It’s a master class in digitally transforming the enterprise.


4. Keynote, Rob DeSisto, Forrester Digital Transformation Forum 2016

By 2020, 50 billion to 200 billion connected devices will be in operation, according to Rob DeSisto, Forrester vice president of global customer transformation. That exponential growth is putting companies under increasing pressure to deliver connected experiences. “If you don’t deliver value in 30 to 60 seconds [with your app], you’re gonna fail,” he says in his keynote from this year’s Forrester Digital Transformation Forum.

DeSisto also explains the advantages of cloud application development platforms, including more efficiency, faster delivery, and expanded development resources, thanks to the codeless tools non-IT civilians can use.

He cautions that it’s not enough to have a platform, however. To be successful, you also need to bridge departmental silos, corporate politics, and other internal challenges.

Watch the video here.

5. “The Digital Transformation Playbook,” David Rogers, Brite ’16 Conference

Businesses that started in the pre-Internet era face unique challenges when it comes to transforming themselves into digital-age organizations. David Rogers founded Brite and wrote The Digital Transformation Playbook. In this video, Rogers offers sound advice for how older companies can hone their digital business strategies. 

Rogers asserts that “digital transformation is really not about technology.” Rather, it’s about “upgrading” your thinking and leadership. Focusing on five business domains—customers, competition, data, innovation, and value—he explains how to change your way of thinking about each (competition increasingly comes from platforms more than products, for example), citing examples from digital transformation leaders like Airbnb and Intuit along the way. The takeaway: Your business doesn’t have to be “new” to compete in the new economy.


6. “Why Most Digital Business Transformations Will Fail,” Martin Gill, TNW Conference Europe 2015

The unfortunate truth is that most digital transformations don’t succeed. In this presentation, Forrester vice president and analyst Martin Gill describes common traps businesses fall into when executing change and how you can avoid them.

Citing plenty of industry examples, Gill explains why fixed road maps don’t work in today’s dynamic business environment, why design thinking trumps traditional business thinking, and why the execution of any digital transformation starts with the organization’s culture, not the technology. By highlighting the pitfalls, he illuminates a more certain route to success.


7. “Forget Disruption, It's Time for Transformation,” Dado Van Peteghem, Digital First 2015

Digital Transformation author Dado Van Peteghem offers guidance to businesses in danger of being left behind by the digital revolution in this presentation.

He quickly enumerates the seven things traditional companies need to transform—customer experience, business model, organization, processes, leadership and capabilities, infrastructure, and culture—and advises companies to start where they are “hurting the most.”

One of his key insights is that you can’t rely on innovation being driven from the top. Anyone within your company can have the “million-dollar idea,” he says. “You need to create a culture that stimulates and rewards employees to think like entrepreneurs."


8. “The 6 Key Challenges of Digital Transformation,” Emmanuel Vivier, Adobe Summit EMEA 2015

HUB Institute co-founder and digital transformation expert Emmanuel Vivier opens this keynote with a story about how the early 20th century ocean liner companies engaged in a war of innovation to be the fastest across the pond were eventually outdone by the first transatlantic flights. “When you are competing in a boat industry and suddenly your new competition is a plane,” he says, “you have a problem.”

Vivier pulls no punches laying out the biggest threats to traditional businesses—connected consumers, tech-savvy startups, digital giants, and the rapid pace of change—backing each with a wealth of sobering data and admonishments like “They want your business!” and “Winter is coming!” If you’re on the fence about the urgency of digital transformation at the start of the video, you won’t be by the end.


9. “Leading Digital Transformation Now—No Matter What Business You’re In,” Dr. Didier Bonnet, Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Didier Bonnet is Capgemini Consulting’s global head of digital transformation and co-author of Leading Digital. In this video, Bonnet presents six “digital masters”—Starbucks, Burberry, Asian Paints, Codelco, Caesars Entertainment, and Nike—and highlights the strategies each uses to stay ahead of the competition. With insights on everything from change management to tech investing, this is an essential guide to implementing a successful digital transformation.


10. “The Digital Transformation of Enterprises,” Jessica Federer, FICOD15

“We will never be a technology company,” Bayer CDO Jessica Federer says in her keynote. She then guides the audience through the 150-year-old pharmaceutical giant's digital transformation. 

Federer discusses the four-step process that Bayer followed—people, processes, platforms, and partnerships, in that order—to reimagine itself for the digital economy. Fielding audience questions, she explains how Bayer tackled the hurdles of upgrading technology, training employees, and partnering with tech companies to realize its new vision. This keynote offers a compelling guide for traditional businesses looking to take the next step in their evolution.


Digital transformation: Lessons for leaders

  • Every business is now a digital business.
  • Start the transformation process with low-hanging fruit to earn some quick successes.
  • Digital transformation is really not about technology; it’s about “upgrading” your thinking and leadership.

This article/content was written by the individual writer identified and does not necessarily reflect the view of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company.