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While nearly two thirds of men think their organizations are equitable, half of women who enter our industry leave within 10 years. Clearly there’s a disconnect. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re bringing together four amazing women for an open and honest conversation about these challenges, the things that inspire them, and what it really takes to keep women in tech.

Commit to Change

With more than 2 million women leaving the U.S. workforce in the last year alone, it’s more important than ever to support women, talk about the challenges they face and champion their stories. Cultural and systemic change doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it comes in the thousands of moments every day when we as individuals choose to challenge gender bias and inequity.

#ChooseToChallenge Gender Bias in Tech

How can we all challenge stereotypes and change culture for the better? Join the conversation on Twitter and share your promise to support #WomenInTech this #IWD2021.

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“...women in tech are not just technical women but are women who push for digital transformation...”

Francesca Marano, WordPress Core Team Lead at Yoast.com

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