In Her Element is a platform spearheaded by Hewlett Packard Enterprise—encompassing a range of initiatives—aimed at creating a more inclusive, equitable technology sector by championing female role models and telling their stories, inspiring girls to pursue their passions through STEM, and creating a community of support, learning, and advocacy.  Help us break down barriers and challenge bias to create a more equitable world.

With more than 2 million women leaving the U.S. workforce in 2021, a trend that has since continued, it’s more important than ever to support women, talk about the challenges they face and champion their stories. Cultural and systemic change doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it comes in the thousands of moments every day when we as individuals challenge gender bias and accelerate equity.

“...women in tech are not just technical women but are women who push for digital transformation...”

– Francesca Marano, WordPress Core Team Lead at


In Her Element presents a discussion between 4 incredible women at HPE as they share their experiences, career paths, diversity insights, inclusion and advice on how to Blaze your own trail.

Fidelma My Story

Fidelma Russo, HPE CTO, has more than 30 years of technology leadership experience and holds 2 US patents. Hear more about her journey as a powerful woman in technology and how she believes in paving the way for greater opportunity in the industry.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Gonzalez shares her journey to a career in tech, ultimately landing the role of her dreams. Hear how she's using her skills to help create magic at Disney Parks.

Women in Tech Profiles

HPE employees and partners share their career journeys in technology on Curated Pathways™ to inspire the next generation.

How to keep tech talent during the great resignation

Winning over talent in today’s job market takes a lot more than competitive salaries and flexible work options. Kristin Major, SVP of HR discusses how HPE shapes its culture to align with team members' needs and values, to recruit and retain a diverse and talented workforce — even amidst ‘The Great Resignation.’

Q&A: Making race day decisions with data

Hannah Schmitz, principal strategy engineer for Oracle Red Bull Racing, shares how data helps her team win races.

Reflections of a female Chief Technology Officer

What it will take to get more women into tech? HPE CTO Fidelma Russo shares her thoughts.

“Studying STEM or having an interest in STEM opens you up to many industries that can be disrupted or enhanced by technology. Technology exposes you to the future.”

– Nancy Wang, Founder of Advancing Women in Product

Women in Tech Profiles

HPE employees and partners share their career journeys in technology on Curated Pathways™ to inspire the next generation.

It adds a whole new level of understanding to the game

STEAM Fest, Basketball Decoded, presented by HPE.

“Mentorship is important…You need to have someone support you, lend their ear, and validate your experiences, especially in a field dominated by men.”

– Sharon Kennedy Vickers, CIO and director in the Office of Technology & Communications for the city of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Encouraging Diversity in HPC

Diversity is important in all industries, but perhaps especially so in supercomputing. Hear from Alison Kennedy, STFC Hartree Centre and co-founder of Women in HPC, and Shin-Wen Kuo, VP & COO of HPE’s HPC and AI business as they share practical ways organizations can encourage, hire, and promote diversity.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Session at Discover 2022: Unlocking empathy, trust, and inclusion

Join Aisha Washington of HPE and April Moh of SUSE, as they discuss how communications influence the company culture.

Digital equity: ensuring data access for all

In this episode of The Element Podcast, hear how most big data is controlled by a few – and that needs to change.

Can tech help women get their voices back?

100 years of lazy tech decisions have left women out of voice recognition systems. Things may finally be changing.

How job seekers can tell whether a company is serious about diversity

Companies are making a lot of noise about DEI practices, but many are more talk than action. Here's how to spot the workplaces committed to promoting serious change.