Exascale Day 2022

To celebrate those who keep asking what if, why not, and what’s next.

Supercomputing community

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The view from the DoE

In this discussion, Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe, Director of the Office of Science for the U.S. Department of Energy, details the impacts of an Exascale machine on the DoE’s research arsenal — what it means for science, advancement, and increased access for people who make breakthroughs possible. Justin Hotard, HPE’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, HPC & AI, will also share his vision of the possibilities when Exascale meets AI and takes on big data workloads.

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Encouraging diversity in HPC

Diversity is important in all industries, but perhaps especially so in supercomputing. Hear from Alison Kennedy, STFC Hartree Centre and co-founder of Women in HPC, and Shin-Wen Kuo, VP & COO of HPE’s HPC and AI business as they share practical ways organizations can encourage, hire, and promote diversity.

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Exascale is here

Now that we’ve arrived at the exascale era, hear from Oak Ridge National Laboratory on what’s next, including some early science results run on Frontier. Also hear from Argonne National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as they progress closer to their systems being online, and what preparations are underway so their science teams can hit the road running.

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What’s new with Pawsey?

Listen in as we provide an update on what’s new with Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.  Mark Stickells, Executive Director joins ESG Practice Director Scott Sinclair as they discuss the transition from their Magnus supercomputer to Setonix, highlight some recent science, as well as delve into the what’s important to the organization from diversity to honoring the culture and region they are located in.

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What’s new with LUMI?

Join us for an update on CSC and the LUMI supercomputer.  Kimmo Koski, Managing Director for LUMI joins ESG Practice Director Scott Sinclair for a discussion about the priority science, the benefits of being part of a multi-country consortium, and the unique benefits of the geography where LUMI is located.

Supercomputing and commercial organizations

Supercomputing and science

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Using data for good

In this panel, hear from 3 researchers working hard to improve the quality of our lives with the help of supercomputing.

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Capturing the wonder of global interconnectedness

ORNL’s Dr. Kate Evans explains how making connections between scientific areas will be the new “frontier” in problem solving.

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Capturing the wonder of the stars

ORNL’s Dr. Bronson Messer explains how Frontier and the exascale era of supercomputing will transform our study of the cosmos.

The power of 18 zeros

Weather and natural disaster predictions

Clean energy from waves

Drug discovery for vaccines

Unlock renewable energy and solar power

Voyage to Mars

Finding a cure for cancer

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