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Part 1: Unlocking Nature's Power for Renewable Energy

Part 1: Unlocking Nature's Power for Renewable Energy

In Part 1 of this series, watch an engaging dialogue on how the global electricity consumption continues to increase faster than the world population as we face a climate crisis. Hear from Jonathan Fiévez, CEO of Carnegie Clean Energy; Paolo Faraboschi, VP and HPE Fellow, AI Research Lab  at Hewlett Packard Labs; Mark Stickells , Executive Director for Pawsey Supercomputing Centre; and Miranda Taylor, CEO of National Energy Resources Australia; on how HPE is helping to improve the extraction of renewable energy efficiencies with AI and Machine Learning.

Why on earth should we care about space?

Whether on Earth or in space, insights from data is the key to progress, helping us make better decisions, faster. In this episode of On The Goh, Dr. Goh shows how edge computing at the ultimate edge — space — is enabling astronauts to efficiently process data and run applications in ways that provide enormous benefits, from how organizations are improving safety for their workers to how hospitals treat patients in remote locations.

Keynote by Antonio Neri

The next wave of digital transformation is here, and it’s powered by the data all around us, from edge to cloud. Join HPE President and CEO Antonio Neri along with distinguished business leaders as they share exciting new announcements and explore how we are unlocking new opportunities to advance the way we live and work in the Age of Insight.

How Purpose-Driven Organizations Are Driving a New Digital Economy

Companies play a crucial role in driving change on pressing issues like equity, inclusion, and sustainability. Join HPE’s Antonio Neri and fellow business leaders for a discussion about what’s happened since the pandemic, the opportunities and threats ahead, and why data is critical in embracing what it means to be a purpose-driven company.

Thriving in the Age of Insight: How Leaders Are Sparking Innovation for a Data-Centric Future

Fully exploiting data’s value is key to transformation. No matter where you are on your journey, a smart data strategy is paramount to your success. Join HPE’s Dr. Eng Lim Goh, SVP & CTO AI, and a panel of industry leaders for unique insights and learnings on the essential strategies, business models, and platforms required today.

The Radical Rethink: Unconventional Ways to Unlock the Power of Data

A sustainable, thriving future can’t happen without pushing boundaries. The capability gap is widening with the explosion of data, incremental improvements in technology, and the growing importance of AI. Geek out with Hewlett Packard Labs and HPE’s Office of the CTO as we go deep on the technologies tackling the world’s toughest data challenges.

Champions for Change

Sports icons like Lewis Hamilton become celebrities, but the true legends also use their platforms to elevate social justice imperatives. From entrepreneurship, to mentorship, to diversity research, they strive to promote inclusion and equal opportunity for all. Learn how they make an impact and how citizens and business can be change agents, too.

HPE GreenLake: The Cloud That Comes to You

The cloud experience has shaped expectations for all your apps and data—at the edge, in data centers, or in clouds. HPE GreenLake brings the speed, simplicity, and agility of the cloud to your data. Hear from leaders, customers, and partners discussing revolutionary new cloud platform technologies and services and key industry partnerships.

Women Leaders in Technology Presents "In Her Element: Insights from Trailblazers"

Women are blazing paths and establishing leadership positions across industries, from tech to sports. In this session, ROKiT Venturi Racing Team Principal Susie Wolff, National Basketball Players Association Executive Director Michele Roberts, and pro football official Sarah Thomas discuss their journeys and share leadership strategies.

Unleash the Power of Your Data From Edge to Cloud

With data at the heart of your organization, unlocking its potential requires a unified approach that breaks down silos and complexity and delivers a data experience that unleashes data, agility and innovation. That’s the promise of Unified DataOps, and in our Storage Spotlight we’re going to show how it accelerates your data-driven transformation.

HPE Project Aurora: Stop Playing Whack-a-Mole With Security

Come Learn more about Project Aurora, HPE’s forthcoming embedded security platform that layers zero-trust building blocks—silicon to cloud—into all HPE products. See how Project Aurora helps prevent sophisticated cyberthreats from compromising HPE platforms via its immutable trust chain backed by our iLO 5 security chip.

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