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Design thinking is a human-centered strategy to solving problems. It lets you find the right problems to tackle and gives you the tools to make this problem-solving journey efficient and effective.

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Innovation is part of our DNA at HPE. Join us and learn the tools and methods that supercharge the design of our customer-centred solutions.

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Explore our favorite techniques! These are the most commonly used tools that allow us to arrive at solutions that prioritize our customer’s needs.


Recipes use a combination of 2 or more Design Thinking methods described previously. When combined, these methods provide results that are more focused and can help you or your team find optimal solutions. Every step helps break down big problems into bite-sized tasks which are fun and easy to do individually or in a team setting.

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When you put the customer at the center of your problem solving, everything comes into focus. Join the growing community of HPE employees who are passionate about exploring and inventing new ways to delight customers.

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We teach a core set of 36 methods that can be applied to almost any situation to collaborate better cross-functionally in the design of customer-centered products and solutions.