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Service overview

This addendum to the HPE Pointnext Complete Care service data sheet describes HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert On Demand (“EOD”)—HPE Ezmeral, an optional service feature of HPE Pointnext Complete Care service or as a service that can also be purchased standalone using HPE Service Credits.

This service feature is designed to amplify the HPE Pointnext Complete Care support experience by providing an HPE Expert on Demand to enhance the Customer’s operational support experience and achieve operational excellence in the HPE Ezmeral platform.


The Customer is required to have HPE Complete Care support coverage for HPE Ezmeral platform to be eligible for the lifecycle management feature of this service.


Customers who do not have HPE Complete Care coverage can purchase the service standalone through HPE Service Credits combined with an active HPE Ezmeral software support contract.


Customers that have existing HPE Complete Care service coverage or existing HPE Service Credits, can use the reactive support engagement process to review and triage what is required to perform the operational task as requested by the Customer.


During the initial engagement, review and triage are included to identify the best qualified HPE support expert to be assigned to the Customer’s request. Additionally, when more time or additional Service Credits are needed to perform the engagement, the Customer would receive an up-front notification on the additional time and associated cost.


After each engagement the HPE support expert will provide a summary of the operational task performed and future HPE services that are suggested to enhance the Customers’ “as-a-service” experience with HPE going forward.

  • Service benefits

    • Expert on Demand: HPE support experts will be available to help and perform operational tasks to enhance the Customers’ operational excellence and is part of the overall HPE Complete Care account team.


    • Operational excellence: HPE support experts can assist a Customer to achieve their operational excellence and targets by using an HPE Expert on Demand. Having an HPE Expert on Demand available that knowns the Customers’ environment very well and that acts as an extended resource to the Customer his organization could eliminate operational support challenges with a defined business outcome.


    • Easy engagement: A Customer can call in using the standard support hotline or log a digital support ticket using the HPE Support Center (HPESC) portal and request the HPE Expert on Demand engagement.


    • On the spot delivery: A Customer can request immediate delivery, either the same day or a day later, depending on the availability of the most qualified HPE support expert.


    • Platform knowledge coverage: HPE support experts will have knowledge on all the components in the HPE Ezmeral Platform: HPE Compute, HPE Storage, HPE Software, HPE Ezmeral Container Platform, HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, virtualization software, containerized workloads and applications and associated Integrated Software Vendor (ISV) or Open-Source software stack.


    • Global 24x7 coverage: HPE Pointnext Services Center of Excellence support organization that facilitates this service, offers global coverage availability, and provides 24x7 follow the sun operational support coverage during the engagement.


    • Micro consulting: Where HPE Pointnext Tech Care and other HPE Pointnext Services focus on general guidance and technical assistance, HPE Expert on Demand service will be performing remote engagements that could take anywhere between 2 hours and 5 working days. During the initial engagement of the service, the time required and associated cost, will be reviewed and agreed with the Customer.


    • Trusted knowledge: HPE support experts works on resolving technical challenges and platform issues as part of their role, supporting HPE Ezmeral. As such, HPE support experts have a deep technical understanding of all known issues and can rely on a wide network of worldwide HPE internal collaboration resources and HPE Engineering resources to assist in complex scenarios.


    • HPE Pointnext Complete Care and Service Credits usage: Customers can consume this service through HPE Complete Care solution block functionality. For HPE Service Credits, it is advised that Customers order and redeem the HPE Service Credits to “Expert on Demand” prior to reaching out to HPE support, so that the engagement process can start instantly.


    • Lifecycle management: Through HPE Complete Care solution block offering, the Customer will benefit from annual lifecycle management reviews, to be performed together with his assigned Account Support Manager (ASM), to enable continuation for HPE Ezmeral platform through the lifecycle of the HPE solution.




Delivery specifications

HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert on Demand lifecycle management

This service feature includes access to an assigned remote HPE support expert with in-depth knowledge of HPE Ezmeral platform, who provides these scoped service features designed to help a Customer avoid operational challenges and accelerate time to value for their operations. HPE support experts work closely with other members of the HPE Complete Care assigned account team. The service is delivered remotely, and HPE support expert resource will be available to provide this guidance at the frequency and hours, as set in the Initial Customer On-boarding deliverable kick-off meeting, as owned by HPE Account Support Manager.

Deliverables available at lifecycle management:

  • Onboarding assessment of HPE Ezmeral platform at initial purchase of the service, to understand the Customers’ environments, business needs and operational objectives.
  • Yearly (optional bi-annual) Version and Analysis report to provide the Customer a full overview of all versions installed across the
  • HPE Ezmeral platform combined with an analysis on recommended software versions.
  • Yearly (optional bi-annual) review and reporting on the lifecycle changes of the HPE Ezmeral platform to identify key operational tasks or deliverables that would need to be performed under this HPE Expert on Demand engagement. The HPE ASM will plan these reviews together with HPE support expert that is assigned to the Customer.

Note: This deliverable is included in the service, only when purchased as part of the HPE Pointnext Complete Care solution block.

HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert on Demand engagement

HPE Expert on Demand service for HPE Ezmeral Customers is designed to offer expert level containerized or cloud native engagement. Furthermore, HPE Expert on Demand assigned resource will perform operational tasks or engagements and deliverables with a business outcome on Customer’s request. Customers can consume the engagement through HPE Complete Care Solution Block or by utilizing HPE Service Credits. After the service engagement is completed, a report and potential additional HPE services are suggested to enable operational excellence as required by IT audits and regulations and to enhance the Customers’ “as-a-service” experience with HPE.

  • This engagement, when combined with HPE Complete Clare solution block, is charged separately.
  • HPE Service Credits standalone engagement starts when the Customer makes the required HPE Service Credits, available to HPE support. HPE suggests ordering a minimum of 30 HPE Service Credits prior to the engagement.
  • Access to HPE Pointnext Services Big Data Center of Excellence experts for HPE Expert on Demand service.


Table 1. Service feature
  • Service prerequisites and coverage


    • HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert on Demand—HPE Ezmeral platform is an optional extension of HPE Pointnext Complete Care and can be purchased as part of an HPE Pointnext Complete Care Statement of Work.
    • HPE Expert on Demand Standalone engagement can be consumed easily if a Customer has purchased the required HPE Service Credit prior to reaching out to HPE support for consultation.
    • Customer is required to have an active HPE Ezmeral software support contract.
    • Coverage is available 24x7 globally depending on HPE support experts available.
    • HPE Expert on Demand service is available to all components of HPE Ezmeral platform, as supported by HPE Pointnext Services support experts.


  • Service limitations

    • All HPE Expert on Demand service engagements are delivered remotely.
    • Customer acknowledges and agrees that HPE may use resources outside the country of purchase for delivery of these services.
    • Delivery of these services may be limited to English language only.
    • HPE is not responsible for the performance or nonperformance of third-party vendors, their products, or their support services.
    • HPE is not responsible for providing support or engagements on third-party hardware, software or non-HPE owned applications.


    HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert on Demand for HPE Ezmeral availability is regional business days and working hours, HPE holidays are excluded.


    Any deviation from local business days and working hours can be requested by the Customer and will be managed on a case by case basis, at HPE’s discretion.

  • Customer responsibilities

    HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert on Demand—HPE Ezmeral has Customer responsibilities that include but are not limited to the following:

    • Customer is required to notify HPE Ezmeral Expert in case of any issues or side-related issue that potentially could interfere with the task or engagement that will be performed.
    • Customer is responsible for collecting up front any data that would be required by HPE support expert to do a proper technical triage and risk analysis on the task or engagement to be performed.
    • Customer is responsible to make an authorized representative available during the time of the engagement to assist and review any actions as performed by HPE support expert.
    • Customer is required to make all access available to HPE support expert, to perform the required task or engagement on HPE Ezmeral platform.
    • Customer is required to inform HPE support expert on all (non-HPE) support services and service obligations that are in effect regarding any hardware, software or application as performed on HPE Ezmeral platform.
    • Customer is required to inform HPE up front, on any outdated or out of support software packages that are available on HPE Ezmeral platform that could conflict with HPE warranty or HPE support service deliverables (hardware, software, firmware, applications, third-party hardware/software).


  • Ordering information

    Any of the following components would be required to obtain HPE Expert on Demand service:

    • HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert on Demand—Ezmeral service (SKU#HU7Q9AC) + Proactive Options (SKU#H2T05AC)
    • HPE Service Credit Service 30 Credits service: H0JD5Ax (x is the years of service life)
    • HPE Service Credit Service 10 Credits service: H0JD4Ax (x is the years of service life)


    Please contact HPE sales representative to order.


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This data sheet is governed by the Hewlett Packard Enterprise current standard sales terms, which include the supplemental data sheet, or, if applicable, the Customer’s purchase agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.