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HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Nimble

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Mitigate risk keeping your HPE Nimble Storage running

With more and more data coming in from the edge, business are storing more and more critical information on your storage. They need immediate access to that data for analysis and it is imperative that your HPE Nimble Storage solution performs at peak performance day in and day out. HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Nimble gives you the experience required to keep your data highly available for IT and the business, and to allow IT focus on driving business outcomes and success.

Whether you already have an existing HPE Nimble Storage solution or are new to this technology, you will want to make sure you’re getting the most from this storage solution. This includes helping optimize your experience using HPE InfoSight technology and helping maximize the return on your investment.


We want to help you be more proactive in managing your environment to get the top performance from your HPE Nimble Storage investment. We want you to have fast access to specialized expertise when you need it.


HPE Pointnext Complete Care provides

  • A complete coverage approach—edge to cloud
  • An assigned HPE account team
  • Modular and fully personalized engagement
  • Enhanced Incident Management experience with priority access
  • Digitally enabled and AI Driven customer experience
  • Helping drive optimal availability and performance

    HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Nimble offers the benefits of HPE Pointnext Complete Care, both proactive and reactive support including start-to-finish call management, an assigned account team, and direct access to technical expertise.

    However, with this specialized solution, you also receive a range of deliverables that is specific only to HPE Nimble Storage. This includes proactive and advisory services to help optimize efficiency and availability as well as an HPE Nimble Storage proactive support manager (PSM) on your assigned account team. Many of these specialized services are designed to help reduce data availability issues and downtime.


    This service not only works to help optimize performance of your storage devices but also evaluates storage resources in the context of the entire IT infrastructure. HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Nimble proactively applies best practices for configuration management of the storage hardware and software as well as customized storage support activities. There is diligent attention given to version control, performance, capacity planning, and the overall health of the array for problem prevention to drive better business outcomes.

  • Make the most of your HPE Nimble Storage

    Personalized support

    Benefit from a personalized experience that helps you meet your IT and business goals by partnering with technical experts who deliver tailored, personal plans and guidance, and coordinate deliverables.

    Your team of experts is led by an assigned HPE account support manager (ASM) and includes a technical account manager (TAM) and an HPE Nimble Storage PSM, whenever one or more HPE Nimble Storage arrays are part of the agreement. The PSM is your HPE Nimble Storage expert and will collaborate with the ASM. The PSM is responsible for providing you with HPE InfoSight training, HPE Nimble Storage PSM reports, and delivery of HPE Nimble Storage proactive deliverables. HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Nimble helps you focus on your business priorities and drive more innovation by you freeing up IT staff.


    HPE Pointnext Complete Care is a personalized, flexible, and cost-effective relationship‑based experience to data center support and operations. We help you optimize day-to-day tasks, streamline technology management, and transform to a more agile IT operations. HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Nimble can help you keep your data highly available, so you can drive insights and actions across your business.

  • Why HPE

    At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, our mission is to make IT operations simple, drive speed and agility, and develop a strategy to help customers accelerate the enterprise from edge to cloud, helping connect data, edges, and clouds, everywhere.

    HPE Pointnext Services brings the services expertise, so you can keep pace with innovation, improve efficiency, and reduce cost by providing powerful, scalable IT solutions in over 200 countries globally with an extensive network of HPE authorized channel partners. Our goal is to help you be successful today and into the future.

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