Accelerate and simplify IT at the edge

The Complete Simple Edge from HPE and Schneider Electric

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Solution brief

Business happens at the edge

Any edge solution should be a natural extension of the existing data center, offering the same reliability, security, and resiliency in an easily repeatable deployment.


Today, nearly every business requires infrastructure at the edge, where data is being generated and consumed. That’s because real-time response is critical to many applications, services, and end-user experiences, driving measurable value for the business. However, edge by definition means deploying IT into environments not designed for it. For example:


  • Telco—Telecommunications providers need reliable distributed infrastructure to enable commercial 5G. Combining the superior speed and performance of 5G with the decentralized processing power of edge will help telcos produce a steady stream of business and consumer innovations they can monetize to drive business value.
  • Energy—Oil and gas operations generate huge amounts of data from sensors, terminal locations, and analytics. This data is critical to operations. Bandwidth limitations and low latency requirements mean that the bulk of this data must be processed on an oil rig.
  • Retail—Retailers rely on applications and services for advertising, pricing updates, video monitoring, in-store Wi-Fi, online collection orders, and so on. Running applications in the cloud poses the risk of a connectivity outage, which would be disastrous to the customer experience. Using in-store edge infrastructure to run apps and store data enhances responsiveness and lowers the risk of a service outage.
  • Remote and branch offices—Businesses often have a number of locations or satellite offices running applications and services, as well as an increasing number of employees working from home. Edge infrastructure enables remote and branch offices and remote workers to access applications and services with the performance and availability they need to excel.
  • Manufacturing—Plants and manufacturing sites require always-on availability to run critical applications, reporting systems, and more. These sites tend to be highly distributed, with limited IT resources. They may have hundreds of remote spoke edge sites with a few central hub locations. Supporting hub and spoke topologies that span multiple factory sites requires simplified management for critical workloads, support, and disaster recovery.


While every industry or use case has unique challenges, there are also some common challenges associated with running IT outside of traditional data center environments. These include:


  • Management—Manage infrastructure and applications with limited IT resources.
  • Availability—Ensure critical applications and services are online and recoverable in case of disaster.
  • Space—Sites are space constrained and do not have designated areas for IT equipment.
  • Scalability—Growth requires the ability to scale seamlessly and without interruption.
  • Security—Sensitive data needs to be protected.
  • Cost—Features must be balanced with costs to provide a reasonable return on investment.


In short, edge sites demand a reliable, scalable, set-and-forget system that provides cost-effective, enterprise-class compute, storage, backup, and security in a space-saving design. It also needs to be easily repeatable, requiring little or no modifications to the customer location.


That’s why HPE and Schneider Electric have developed the Complete Simple Edge system. It combines all the benefits of HPE SimpliVity inside an easy-to-deploy, plug-and-play box, plus additional protection and resiliency through automated failover, soft shutdown, and restart when there is a power interruption.


  • Simple, space-saving, scalable, available, and secure

    The Complete Simple Edge is an all-in-one system delivered by HPE.

    It is a prefabricated, easily repeatable, self-contained environment for deploying IT securely at a variety of non-traditional locations.


    Now you can extend enterprise-class IT to every edge, giving you the performance you need to deliver data-driven experiences and results across your organization.


    Business benefits

    Together, HPE and Schneider Electric provide edge solutions with:


    • Simplified management—Central, AI-driven management enables you to manage everything, including data protection, across multiple sites.
    • High availability—Achieve five nines availability in just two nodes with a RAID and RAIN data architecture and built-in backup and disaster recovery.
    • Space-saving design—The entire stack including UPS, networking, compute, and storage collapses into a 6U wall mountable rack or within a sound-dampening cabinet.
    • Scalability—Start with one system and easily add more nodes, racks, and sites as requirements grow.
    • Security—Data at rest encryption (DARE), silicon root of trust, a lockable rack with optional sensors, and ransomware protection help keep data safe.
    • Cost—Reduced licensing costs with more power for applications and services.
    • Reliability—Deploy consistent IT across locations with the predictable reliability and quality of a factory-integrated solution.
    • Time to value—Avoid distractions from the business by reducing or eliminating the time required to plan, deploy, configure, test, and troubleshoot unique or custom solutions.


  • Simplify the edge with confidence

    Together, HPE and Schneider Electric have successfully provided edge solutions and services for remote operations around the world. With the Complete Simple Edge from HPE and Schneider Electric, you can power all of your edges with confidence.

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