Streaming Data Pipelines Simplified on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise with Lightbend

Akka Data Pipelines enable HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise users to build self-contained distributed systems of data processing services connected together by data streams.

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Businesses are going through digital transformation to improve agility, profitability, and customer responsiveness. The key to this transformation is to enable an enterprise to leverage data in real time into actionable intelligence before the data loses its value.

Lightbend Akka Data Pipelines builds on popular tools such as Kubernetes, Kafka, Akka, and Spark to enable businesses to quickly act on new business opportunities presented by streams of data. The solution accelerates time to value with a framework that makes it simple to develop, build, deploy, and manage an always-on architecture. Plus, it gives organizations the ability to quickly make data actionable and apply machine learning to that data for making business-critical decisions and delivering unsurpassed customer experiences in real time.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has partnered with Lightbend to offer a streaming application framework for HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise that is responsive, resilient, and scalable under heavy load. Akka Data Pipelines allow HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise users to build self-contained distributed systems of data processing services connected by data streams.


Figure 1. Lightbend Akka Data Pipelines solution on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise

Easily integrates microservices applications with streaming data pipelines

HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise developers can enable interaction between their data pipelines and microservice-based applications. Akka Data Pipelines provides a low-code orchestration of scalable, performant Big Data/machine learning pipelines.


Simplifies integration with back-end systems

Akka Data Pipelines leverages Akka Alpakka technology to turn legacy data systems into a stream. This integrates with current data sources and provides an easy migration of legacy systems to HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.


Provides out-of-the-box operational insight

Akka Data Pipelines comes with Lightbend Console, which features a pipeline-specific UI for visualizing data moving through data pipelines on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise. You can spot performance bottlenecks, lagging processes, and other problems instantaneously. Lightbend Console allows users to set alerts and customize the way users monitor processes to match their business needs.

  • Benefits

    Akka Data Pipelines is a framework for quick construct, deployment, and management of streaming data pipelines on HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise.

    It removes the development and operational complexity of tying together the disparate parts that constitute each stage of a streaming data pipeline. Also, it frees teams to focus on developing business logic and apply machine learning models that infuse intelligence into data for real-time business decisioning and hyper personalized customer experiences.


    • Akka Data Pipelines specifies data flow via simple blueprint file and deploy a multistage pipeline with one command.
    • All boilerplates—serialization, port configuration, operational parameters, data durability between processing staging—are handled by Lightbend.
    • Users have access to telemetry and observability.
    • All ports and topics are created, and automatically surface HTTP service endpoints.


    HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise is an enterprise-ready Kubernetes container platform with integrated data fabric that can manage complex workloads such as streaming data application deployments. The HPE and Lightbend partnership delivers a common architectural pattern that forms the foundation of successful streaming applications. Using Lightbend Akka Data Pipelines with HPE Ezmeral Runtime Enterprise significantly reduces IT resources and time spent on developing real-time streaming applications.

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