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HPE Edge Center from Schneider Electric

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Solution brief

Extend the business to the edge

As the points of data creation and consumption become increasingly distributed, your organization may be challenged to extend robust computing resources to the edge

Whether the edge is a branch office, public location, industrial complex, or any other location outside the core data center, edge computing has very different requirements.


Consider that core data centers benefit from significant investment in reliable facilities infrastructure, and security to ensure mission-critical systems and applications are always available. Data center design, construction, and operation revolves around mitigating risks associated with system downtime caused by interruptions or critical events within the physical environment that supports the IT hardware. Investing in redundant facility infrastructure and continuous preventative maintenance, including on-site facility management personnel, is key to keeping the core data center running at all times.


However, when moving IT to the edge, there is a natural trade-off in risks to operations. While latency, speed, and data collection at the edge is greatly improved, the physical infrastructure is now exposed to environmental risks that can’t be as carefully mitigated as they are within the core data center.


At the same time, the physical edge is also removed from core data center personnel, and so can’t be supported as effectively.


Even so, edge deployments still require protection—including physical, electrical, thermal, and other environmental—to maintain uninterrupted operations. For instance, sudden loss of power in unprotected systems can result in corrupted or lost data and communications.


Because the edge is—by definition—far away from the safety and redundancy of the core data center, additional reliability and risk management must be achieved through resiliency and software-orchestrated failover, instead of redundant physical infrastructure. This reality puts greater emphasis on remote management of edge infrastructure, and service level agreements (SLAs) with third-party providers.

  • Repeatable edge deployments with protection and security

    Getting intelligence to the edge requires more than just simply installing hardware on its own or building small data centers.

    HPE Edge Center from Schneider Electric is a pre-fabricated, repeatable, self-contained environment for deploying IT securely at a variety of non-traditional locations. These solutions can be built to provide physical and power security along with temperature, air quality, and fire protection for all of your edge locations.


    HPE Edge Center minimizes the amount of site-specific custom installation required, making it repeatable for multiple locations. Plus, the fully integrated solution provides remote monitoring of all infrastructure—both physical and virtual—allowing for predictive and proactive maintenance along with response to SLAs.


    In the case of an interruption or critical event at an edge site, HPE Edge Center uses automated replication and failover among edge sites and between the edge and the core. This provides resilience through software orchestration, utilizing converged, intelligent infrastructure abstraction and orchestrated software control to geographically mitigate virtualized workloads and gracefully shut down the IT hardware operating in an edge environment.

  • Business benefits

    Together, HPE and Schneider Electric provide customers moving IT to the edge with:

    • An easier, less expensive, and faster deployment compared to a traditional data center, with advanced physical, power, particulate, and environmental security and protection compared to an equipment closet.
    • The flexibility and choice of tested configurations built around HPE Edgeline, HPE SimpliVity, HPE Synergy, and HPE ProLiant rack servers, HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage, Aruba switches and Microsoft Azure Stack and Hadoop clusters.
    • The speed of a deployment from pre-configured edge solutions that scale with the business.
    • Reduced complexity through standardization of infrastructure and management in a single integrated solution.
    • Automated workload protection for faster failover and reduced risk of data and system corruption.
    • Automated disaster recovery for business continuity at the edge.
    • Consolidated support contracts for proactive and preventative maintenance.
    • Holistic solutions with a single partner for deployment and support.
    • Remote monitoring and management services for IT and/or the facility infrastructure.
    • The only joint solution that’s fully remotely managed, automated, and supported as a single entitlement.


    Our reference customer sites are:

    • Texmark (Houston, Texas)
    • Arena 2036 (Stuttgart, Germany)
    • NASA Ames (Mountain View, California)
  • Move to the edge with confidence

    Together HPE and Schneider Electric have successfully provided Edge solutions and services for remote operations with a variety of customers around the world. With the HPE Edge Center form Schneider Electric, you can provide robust edge IT solutions to multiple locations, faster and with less risk and lower costs.

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