Pensando Distributed Services Platform for HPE Servers

Use this product overview on the Pensando Distributed Services Platform for HPE servers to better understanding the offering, features and key benefits of the solution.

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A new way of thinking!

The explosion of data generated by applications inside and outside of the data center has enterprises of all sizes facing stark choices—scale up capacity with a traditional IT architecture, move more workloads to public clouds or invent a third option that overcomes the constraints of the other two.

Traditional IT architectures with vital services embedded in shared network and security appliances are pushed to their breaking point, imposing performance, agility, and cost burdens that are not sustainable for enterprises looking to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve—and their competitors. At the same time, the allure of public cloud is quickly offset by the diminished observability and control plus the specter of compliance and security risks for data and critical workloads.


Either approach means IT staff often end up spending more time managing complexity and infrastructure than they do innovating for the business.


The third option—delivering scalable performance, cloud-like agility, simplified management with full observability and control plus the surety of compliance and security—has been little more than a distant vision, until now.

  • Introducing the Pensando Distributed Services Platform for HPE Servers 1

    Available for select HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo, and HPE Edgeline servers, the Pensando Distributed Services Platform (DSP) for HPE Servers provides a powerful suite of software-defined services—like firewall, micro-segmentation, and telemetry—directly to the server, dramatically boosting network and security performance by moving those services to their ideal location—the server edge—where the transition between network and server occurs.

    This revolutionary approach eliminates the needs for an assortment of discrete appliances throughout the data center by integrating networking and security functions into a single device residing in a single server, tightly coupling policies to just that server and its users. No longer are server and user demands queuing behind unrelated demands on shared appliances. Coincidentally, because the functions are resourced at the server edge, performance and capacity scaling are incremental, observability is pervasive and granular, and latency is significantly reduced.

  • A fresh approach to vital capabilities

    Designed from the ground up to drive cloud‑like agility, security, and operational simplicity across the entire enterprise infrastructure, the Pensando DSP for HPE Servers works in concert with most network virtualization, security and orchestration frameworks, delivering an enhanced management experience that provides insights into all aspects of the deployed software-defined services, including lifecycle and health monitoring of hardware.

    Through its single policy and services management console, the Pensando DSP for HPE Servers enables resources to be automatically provisioned; and software‑define services—like ACLs, stateful firewall policies, network configuration settings, encryption keys and more—are seamlessly deployed to active servers, consistently managing network performance and ensuring policy compliance.



Unmatched scalability: Scales to thousands of servers while freeing CPU resources for workload delivery

Deep network and security visibility and telemetry

Improved uptime: A simplified architecture and always-on visibility means fewer outages and faster MTTR

SDN and virtual networking with underlay/overlay encapsulations (VXLAN, etc.)


East-west encryption within the data center

Lower TCO: Replace multiple appliances, reducing costs, complexity all while improving security

Distributed stateful firewall for bare-metal, virtualized (Windows Hyper-V, Linux® KVM), and containerized (Kubernetes) workloads at the server edge

Table 1. Key benefits and capabilities
HPE and Pensando Systems bring together a shared edge-to-cloud vision that drives innovation across and at all levels of the data center. To explore how this partnership can deliver on that vision with scalable performance, cloud-like agility, security, and operational simplicity, contact your HPE or Pensando Systems representative or please contact

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  • 1 Available on DL360 Gen10, DL380 Gen10, DL325 Gen10, DL385 Gen10, EL8000 Gen10, and Apollo 4510 Gen10 at Launch
Available on DL360 Gen10, DL380 Gen10, DL325 Gen10, DL385 Gen10, EL8000 Gen10, and Apollo 4510 Gen10 at Launch