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HPE Pointnext Complete Care

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Modular edge-to-cloud IT environment service experience

  • Get more from your most valuable resource

    Across your organization, you have invested significant time and money in a variety of business-critical resources, including physical, financial, intellectual, and human.

    Above and beyond those resources, today’s enterprises consider time their most valuable asset. As such, enterprises need to ensure time is well spent across the business and the IT environment.


    Up until now, organizations focused on streamlining reliability and management tasks to help them accomplish more in less time. But remaining competitive in today’s super-fast and ever‑evolving marketplace requires something more. Achieving success requires new strategies that optimize the entire IT environment, while also working in concert with IT teams to deliver better and more profitable business outcomes.


    Such a strategy ensures all your time—not just a select percentage—is well spent. And that’s what HPE Pointnext Complete Care is all about.

  • A complete solution for all your it needs

    Much more than a typical service offering, HPE Pointnext Complete Care is a modular, edge‑to-cloud IT environment service. By following a proven holistic approach, HPE Pointnext Complete Care can optimize your entire IT environment from edge to cloud.


    • Personalize your experience—HPE Pointnext Complete Care adapts to your individual needs and goals.
    • Optimize your outcomes—Do more for less by optimizing your time, technology, and decision-making processes for every facet of your IT environment, edge to cloud.
    • Transform your IT—Approach your entire environment holistically and measure success by achieving specific and agreed-upon IT outcomes.


  • Cutting-edge features drive better outcomes

    HPE Pointnext Complete Care helps you meet your service-level targets and business objectives by providing cutting edge-features designed to drive better outcomes for your business:

    • Complete coverage for all your IT, which means every asset from edge to cloud is considered in the service and support strategy
    • Assigned account team, including a dedicated expert managing your team of resources
    • Modular and personalized services based on your needs, goals, workloads, and desired outcomes
    • Enhanced incident-management experience via an online portal, offering priority access, accelerated escalation management, incident reporting and analysis, and more
    • Digitally enabled and AI-driven service


  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care service features

    Building on a set of core features—and extended through outcome- and product-specific building blocks—HPE Pointnext Complete Care offers the comprehensive services you need not only to ensure your time is well-spent but also to keep your business operating at optimal efficiency.

    Product support

    Each product within your HPE Pointnext Complete Care IT environment starts with a base product support layer of HPE Pointnext Tech Care—an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered and digitally enabled service experience that drives your business forward. Tech Care goes beyond traditional support by providing faster access to product-specific experts, an AI-driven digital experience, and general technical guidance to reduce risk and constantly search for ways to do things better.


    • General technical guidance helps you get the most from your IT with expert technical advice for operation, optimization, and IT management.
    • Product-specific experts mean no more managing complex escalations.
    • An AI-powered digital experience delivers faster outcomes at every stage.


    HPE Pointnext Complete Care core service offerings

    The next layer in your HPE Pointnext Complete Care service includes the following core services.

Enhanced incident management (EIM)


Service relationship management (SRM)

To provide an outstanding incident management experience, this set of integrated and accelerated reactive and proactive processes is designed to address hardware and software incidents. These processes, which are tailored to your unique needs, engage appropriate HPE product experts to address critical covered support incidents for quicker resolution.


  • Environment profiling and awareness
  • Multi-channel access to know-me experts
  • Personalized phone experience
  • Remote 24/7 rapid response
  • Priority access
  • Seamless expert collaboration for resolving complex issues
  • Accelerated escalation management
  • Personalized digital experience
  • Expanded coverage options
  • Global call management (optional)


Three experience levels (entry, basic, advanced)—including assigned HPE resources—understand your business and IT objectives and work to ensure your needs are met.

  • Assigned account team; your advocate and single point of contact for both operational and technical needs, coordinating the delivery of all features of HPE Pointnext Complete Care; includes Account Support Manager (ASM), Technical Account Manager (TAM), and Assigned Customer Engineer (ACE)
  • Account support planning
  • Service implementation management
  • Inventory management
  • Service planning and review
  • Support activity review or incident report
  • Operational and technical advice or operational assistance
  • HPE Support Center
  • HPE education planning and assistance
  • HPE Digital Learner Starter Pack for HPE Pointnext Complete Care


Table 1. HPE Pointnext Complete Care core service offerings

Modular solution blocks

In addition to the core services, HPE Pointnext Complete Care also offers outcome-specific modular solution blocks designed to help you optimize and modernize your IT environment and achieve your business goals. Currently available solution blocks include:


  • Performance Optimization Service—Storage
  • Performance Optimization Service for SAP HANA®
  • Performance Optimization—High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Solution Lifecycle Management Service—Storage
  • HPE COE Service for SAP HANA
  • Assigned Technology Specialist—HPE Synergy
  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care Expert On Demand
  • Software Asset Management
  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care for Microsoft Azure
  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care—HPE NonStop and Virtual HPE NonStop
  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Aruba
  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care—Multivendor
  • HPE Pointnext Complete Care—HPE Cray


To offer a continually improved experience, new solution blocks are constantly being developed, based on our customers’ requests for additional service and support. For detailed information on these solution blocks, please refer to

  • Optional proactive services

    As a complete solution for your entire IT ecosystem, HPE Pointnext Complete Care can be personalized to include additional proactive services, based on your individual needs.

    • Environment Services—Purchase additional expert time for any project or management task with Team days or Assigned Customer Engineer days.
    • ITSM Services—Improve and enhance your organization’s ITSM maturity level with the ultimate goal of improving both effectiveness and your ability to meet ever-increasing demands for enhanced service levels and performance.
    • Compute Services—Services include OS patch analysis and management, server firmware and software analysis and management, and system health check.
    • Storage Services—Experience storage firmware and software analysis and management, high-availability technical assessment, SAN supportability assessment, and implementation of storage recommendations.
    • Network Services—These services include network firmware and software analysis and management and implementation of network recommendations.
    • Service Credits—Flexibly and quickly choose from a variety of specialized service activities including assessments, performance analyses, firmware management, professional services, and much more.
    • HPE GreenLake Management Services—Expand HPE Pointnext Complete Care with full IT management. HPE GreenLake Management Services monitors, manages, and delivers the holistic insights your company needs to optimize operations across the full IT landscape. Leveraging a broad range of deep domain expertise and automation, HPE GreenLake Management Services helps speed your digital transformation. Whether taking on the day-to-day operations of running IT to free up time for innovation or delivering on innovation strategies from core to cloud to edge, HPE GreenLake Management Services helps IT become a better partner to the business.


  • HPE GreenLake—the cloud that comes to wherever your apps and data live

    Bring the cloud experience directly to your apps and data wherever they are—the edge, colocations, or your data center—with HPE GreenLake.

    With a pay-per-use, scalable, point‑and-click, self-service experience that is managed for you, HPE GreenLake delivers services for your top workloads.


    When you run your business on HPE GreenLake, you benefit from:


    • No data movement or egress charges, ever
    • Faster time to market
    • Conserving your cash and capital
    • No lock-in
    • Leveraging your existing investments


    Get a unified cloud experience and operating model for your public and private clouds that automates cloud operations through HPE GreenLake Central. By simplifying IT operations, HPE GreenLake Central helps you manage performance, cost, security, and compliance across the hybrid, multi-cloud estate to reduce risk and speed your business.


    Regardless of how you engage with HPE GreenLake, you will receive the benefits of HPE Pointnext Complete Care.

  • Complete solution for today’s IT

    HPE Pointnext Complete Care provides an end-to-end experience for all your IT needs. In fact, HPE Pointnext Complete Care can expand to include financial assistance, IT training and development, staff augmentation, and more.

    Talk to the HPE Pointnext Complete Care team about your needs so we can make your goals, our goals—today.

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