HPE Ezmeral Managed Services

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric and HPE Ezmeral Container Platform

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Companies are accelerating adoption of new technology to better understand their customer base and maintain competitiveness. These companies are also reevaluating IT projects, budgets, and hiring plans, which could decelerate digital transformation initiatives.

  • Overview

    HPE Ezmeral Managed Services has a proven record of helping customers gain immediate value from their data—whether they are just starting their journey into artificial intelligence (AI), analytics, or containerization, or they are looking for greater business value from their existing implementation.

    The combination of intelligent automation, a proven platform for AI / machine learning (ML), analytics, containers, and our expertise work to accelerate time to value for your digital initiatives while lowering operational costs.


    Customer spotlight:


    A Canadian insurance provider needed to build an application practice with advanced monitoring to meet stringent SLAs for business applications while seamlessly fitting into existing IT functions. Working with HPE Managed Services, they were able to:


    • Ramp up application development instantly without hiring scarce resources or spend time creating design and administrative processes, deploying clusters and training personnel. This improved time to market for several months.
    • Deliver high availability while expanding their environments to support additional use cases and tenants.
    • Build, test, and deploy new applications and ML models to better serve customers.


  • HPE Ezmeral Managed Services portfolio

    HPE Ezmeral Managed Services is a proven solution that delivers a holistic view of your environments without the need to hire and train in-house teams.

    Your environment is managed and monitored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise 24x7, which means your teams have the freedom to focus on more strategic projects for your business. Here is a sample of digital transformation initiatives our services have helped.


Figure 1. Digital transformation services provided by HPE Ezmeral Managed Services

  • HPE Ezmeral Managed Services focus

    Two areas of focus


    Our seasoned experts partner with you every step along your journey to help ensure successful installation and rapid deployment. The process starts with a series of brief interviews that focuses on six key requirements:


    • Infrastructure
    • DevOps and use cases
    • Tenancy
    • Security
    • High availability and business continuity
    • Ongoing processes and procedures


    Ongoing operations

    Once your clusters are set up and running, HPE Ezmeral Managed Services monitors and manages the environment through a software interface using experienced HPE Ezmeral personnel. Examples of day-to-day management include the following:


    • Daily operational and ephemeral needs
    • Active monitoring and self-remediation of common issues
    • 24x7 service desk
    • Optimization and systems management
    • Collection and analysis of system metrics
    • Maintenance and change management
    • Capacity planning
    • Event, incident, and problem management
    • Regular standups and quarterly reviews
    • Scheduling and performing maintenance tasks
    • Upgrade of platform services
    • Work with customer to onboard new users and use cases
    • Constantly updating to improve automation to detect and resolve issues
    • Quota management
    • Addition or removal of new volumes
    • User and group management
    • Configuration of topologies
    • Creation of Kubernetes or HPE Ezmeral clusters for new tenants and use cases
    • Scheduled configuration for snapshots and volume mirroring


  • Business value delivered on multiple dimensions

    Go faster


    Edge-to-cloud architecture
    • Provide Big Data, analytics, and containerization software such as Spark, Kubernetes, and ML Ops
      • Spin up, shut down, or scale your environments on demand
      • Focus on your business and respond quickly to time-to-market demands
      • Provide day 2 operations, which allow multiple teams to share resources such as GPUs


    Reduce risk


    • Build and provide a highly secured environment
    • Limit access to sensitive data
    • Provide HPE Ezmeral components that are always current
    • Offer predictable cost structure
    • Ensure high availability
    • Facilitate 24x7 monitoring and service desk


  • Services included

    Monitoring and management

    • Holistic view of environments in a single dashboard
    • Operational metrics
    • Growth forecasting and recommendations
    • Usage auditing and reporting
    • Alarm, statistics, and log monitoring



    • Growth management
    • Cluster upgrades
    • Patching
    • Cluster health checks



    • 24x7 monitoring and support
    • Standups with customers’ platform teams
    • Incident and change management
    • Failure recovery




  • Summary

    Digital transformation is not only real, but it is also critical to a company’s overall competitiveness. The rapid pace of change has been accelerated by new technologies, increased volume, and variety of data along with new approaches with containerization when developing new applications.

    Digital transformation has brought new workloads, analytics, and AI to increase business agility and better understanding of a company’s existing customer base.


    New deployments in the enterprise using traditional IT infrastructure and processes can take months to implement. Time to deployment and value are metrics that have become more critical as companies strive to leverage larger amount of information while controlling the cost of managing and analyzing the data.


    Traditional infrastructure and point solutions have not been able to keep pace and are slowing down time to insight and value. As a result, many organizations are modernizing their data management solutions. But implementing with existing skillsets can be a challenge.


    HPE Ezmeral Managed Services for HPE Ezmeral software delivers faster time to production, removes product risks, and simplifies technology adoption. As a result, your business experiences value faster, mitigates costly installation and configuration errors, and prevents deceleration of your digital initiatives due to any skillset shortage.

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