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A fresh approach that works

HPE ProLiant servers take a fresh approach to compute that simplifies and automates management tasks and establishes a solid foundation for an open, Hybrid Cloud platform. Enabled by composability, ProLiant servers offer unmatched automation, security, optimization, and built-in intelligence. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Two recent surveys from TechValidate and Spiceworks asked current customers a simple question: “Why do you use ProLiant servers?” The following are the top five reasons our customers pick ProLiant.

  • #1: Reliability

    With customers, employees, and partners demanding 24/7 access to applications and data, reliability is a key consideration for any server purchase.

    I have been using HPE ProLiant for many, many years and have rarely had an issue that could not be resolved.”

    — Dave Hausmann, BSIT/ISS Associate Information Officer, Su Clinica  1


    “ProLiant servers just work… We’ve got a Gen8 that’s still going strong without a problem since it was installed several years ago.”

    — Sean Wolsey, Independent Contractor, SnS IT  2


    “You can count on them. We recently turned off a G4 that has been a trouper.”

    — Barry Doyle, IT Director, Crisp County School System  3

  • #2: Support

    If an issue does arise, you need the confidence that you can get your server back up and running quickly.

    “When we had a part die, a replacement was sent with a tech to replace it by the next morning. That was our experience the 2 times we’ve needed to fix something HPE in the 9+ years I’ve been here.”

    — Sean Wolsey, Independent Contractor, SnS IT  4


    “HPE ProLiant servers support all our in-house tasks usually running under VMware®. The support offered by HPE for VMware is really a key factor in our decisions.”

    — Nigel Hobden, IT Architect, Random  5


    “Technical support is responsive, knowledgeable, and communicative. Replacement parts, when needed, arrive in a timely manner. Updates are easily obtained and applied.”

    — Dan Jones, Technology Specialist, Longview School District  6

  • #3: Value

    Value can be measured many ways. Most customers believe HPE ProLiant servers start with a fair price and then deliver superior reliability, support and manageability on top of that.

    “While not always being the lowest cost, they are not the highest, and I have been able to show how the cost and longevity make these systems a great deal.”

    — Dave Hausmann, BSIT/ISS Associate Information Officer, Su Clinica  7


    “Standardizing on HPE ProLiant servers has reduced our time to deployment, shortened our learning curve, and allowed us to spend more time on selling and less on support.”

    — Marco Iannetta, IT Professional, MAI Computing  8


    “HPE ProLiant servers … have been priced affordably and delivered on technology needs.”

    — John Stuart, IT Manager, Maine MEP  9

  • #4: Loyalty

    HPE ProLiant servers have created some very loyal customers over the years.

    “Based on my experience with HPE ProLiant servers, I have no hesitation to recommend them to friends or colleagues.”

    — Dan Jones, Technology Specialist, Longview School District  10


    “HPE ProLiant servers have been solidly reliable for us for many years.”

    — John Stuart, IT Manager, Maine MEP  11


    “We have been relying on HPE ProLiant solutions for 20+ years and no reason to change.”

    — Brian McNutt, System Administrator, Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP  12

  • #5: Manageability

    Easy manageability helps you take advantage of the latest technologies without increasing head counts or budgets.

    “HPE ProLiant servers are a shoo-in because they are easy to install/upgrade.”

    — Thomas Latimer, Owner/Chief Consultant, Precision Computer Systems  13


    “With HPE ProLiant, we spend far less time with hardware and maintenance issues so we can spend more time addressing the client’s specific needs.”

    — Brian McNutt, System Administrator, Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP  14


    “HPE ProLiant servers, in my opinion, are the most reliable and manageable solution on an x86 server environment.”

    — Fabrizio Toxiri, Controller, BitLan  15


    “HPE iLO—Can’t say enough about how well this product works.”  16

  • Pick HPE Proliant with confidence

    For all these reasons and more, HPE ProLiant is a great pick for your business. Get in touch with your HPE or authorized channel partner representative to learn more, today.

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