Mitigating risk with managed security from HPE GreenLake Management Services

Managed security from HPE GreenLake Management Services, part of a complete security, risk and compliance portfolio

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Managed security enhances the HPE GreenLake Management Services customer environment by offering services that include security monitoring, privileged access management, vulnerability management, security hardening with the attention and accountability of an account security officer.

Managing organizational risk with managed services providers

Despite efforts to prevent, identify, and contain data breaches and cybersecurity incidents, security gaps in your IT infrastructure may be preventing you from quickly detecting attacks and breaches. These incidents can cause reputational damage, lost business, regulatory penalties, civil lawsuits, unplanned downtime, and loss of critical information, resulting in potentially large financial costs.


Even with increasing awareness of these risks, and an associated increase in security- and compliance-related spending, managing IT security still presents an array of challenges, including skills gaps, siloed tools, complexity, and lack of automation. And these challenges only grow when you consider outsourcing operations to a third-party service provider: because while operations can be outsourced, the organizational risks of security and compliance failure can’t be.


Figure 1. Managed Security

  • Reduce your organizational risk with managed security

    Managed security is an essential addition to an HPE GreenLake Management Services engagement. It helps protect you from risks to your outsourced resources by delivering security expertise and experience, simplified processes, and a holistic management solution—all aimed at reducing organizational risk.

    Services include:


    Security monitoring: End-to-end security incident management monitored by HPE security analysts that delivers security operations center (SOC) activities, including incident detection, response, containment, recovery, and post incident analysis and follow-up actions. To ensure that security incidents are identified and remediated swiftly, a log collection facility stores and correlates all incident logs that can be shared upon request with your SOC.


    Privileged access management: Administrative and system privileges are secured, managed, and monitored on an ongoing basis by HPE security analysts to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of IT systems and their associated data. This service greatly reduces the risk of data theft, data loss, regulatory penalty, and reputational damage.


    Vulnerability management: With industry-leading scanning technology and supported by robust security management processes, detected security vulnerabilities are identified, assessed, prioritized, and remediated in a timely manner. Regularly scheduled and ad hoc, on-demand scanning and vulnerability metrics are shared on a quarterly basis.


    Security hardening: At the forefront of reducing the attack surface and mitigating security risk is the secure configuration of platforms. This service ensures that platforms are configured to meet HPE security best practices by providing HPE GreenLake Management Services with a baseline secure configuration that will provide high quality telemetry into your SOC platform, as well as a more secure configuration for your on-premises equipment.


    Account security officer (ASO): The ASO is assigned as a service and is responsible for maintaining the relationship between your organization (including your SOC) and HPE with respect to security and regulatory requirements, audit governance, and risk management. The ASO is also responsible for maintaining the Security Handbook that includes guidelines on mutually agreed upon security processes and an incident response plan.


    Managed risk and peace of mind

    The Ponemon Institute describes an IT security gap as the “inability of an organization’s people, processes, and technologies to keep up with a constantly changing threat landscape.”  1


    With managed security from HPE GreenLake Management Services, you’ll have the people, processes, and technology you need to help identify and mitigate security threats. And with our long history of managed services experience, the capability to deliver end-to-end security management, and recent innovations in remote infrastructure management, you’ll have the confidence of knowing the security of your data, applications, and infrastructure are in capable hands.

  • Security management you can trust

    Although cybersecurity has long been a permanent feature, and cost, of doing business, many organizations are not fully prepared to meet the challenges that come with data breaches and the disruptive downtime, loss of revenue, and massive reputational damage they can cause.

    The managed security service from HPE GreenLake Management Services can help you mitigate this risk by proactively lifting the operational burden of cybersecurity off your shoulders while giving you peace of mind knowing your assets are safe and secure.

  • A complete security, risk, and compliance portfolio

    Managed security is one of a portfolio of services from HPE GreenLake Management Services that help identify and remediate IT security gaps and provide ongoing monitoring and management.

    The Security, Risk, and Compliance portfolio also includes:


    Managed Cloud Controls (MCC): Two ways for managing your cloud environment that help reduce time and cost through continuous monitoring, optimization, and analysis; services include Continuous Compliance and Continuous Cost Control.


    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR): Managed disaster recovery service for workloads across HPE-managed virtualized environments.


    Software License and Asset Management (SLAM): This software asset management and license optimization solution analyzes inventory, application usage, purchase order data, license entitlements, and contract terms to monitor/govern license under- and over-use and optimize license consumption.


    Advisory and Professional Services (A&PS):

    • Security Analysis and Roadmap Service
    • Vulnerability Analysis Service (Penetration Testing)
    • Transformation Workshops
    • Backup Recovery Impact Analysis
    • Disaster Recovery Technical Analysis
    • Security Compliance Assessment
    • Security Education Programs
    • ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management



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