Protect your data for every SLA with enhanced data protection

Achieve edge-to-cloud data protection with cloud services from HPE GreenLake

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Data protection is a top priority for chief security officers. That’s because the threat landscape has grown right along with the attack surface. In addition, data volumes are predicted to reach 100 zettabytes generated by 2023, according to IDC, so there’s increasingly more data to secure.  1


It’s a complex task to meet numerous objectives across multiple workloads for time-to-recovery, archival, retention, and backup requirements. Each application often has specific SLA requirements. With data dispersed in several locations, from the edge to the cloud, the recovery process becomes more challenging.


So, it’s not surprising that adopting a data protection platform as a cloud service is becoming a mainstay solution. It helps companies overcome multiple challenges associated with protecting data across disparate locations. And, it provides economic predictability and avoids the risk of over‑provisioning infrastructure to meet data recoverability requirements. Meanwhile, the right solution reduces complexity by introducing automation and orchestration to seamlessly improve backup workflows.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides customers with a data protection service to meet backup and recovery objectives—from data centers to the edge and into clouds—with end-to-end resilience and risk reduction with HPE GreenLake. It also enables organizations to put backup data to work in multiple clouds to derive new business insights.


Leverage the economics of cloud protection in your data center with the HPE GreenLake consumption model. There are no up-front capital costs; you only pay for the capacity actually consumed above your reserved amount. Plus, scale on demand from a buffer of capacity provided by HPE GreenLake and still only pay for what is actually used.


Preconfigured storage and backup infrastructure is delivered to your locations in as little as 14 days, with cloud protection available instantly. Reduce risks, control costs, and free up IT resources with a solution that is monitored and managed for you.


Simplify operations, align infrastructure with real need, and shift your backup data from insurance to insights.


  • Get a seamless cloud experience with resilient protection

    Protect data and meet every service-level agreement (SLA) with HPE GreenLake. The service integrates automation, storage, and data management for rapid recovery and long-term retention. Plus, you’ll gain a hybrid solution that lets you move freely between on-premises and cloud storage.

    Achieve validated backup and recovery

    Reduce recovery time, improve business resiliency, and achieve end-to-end enterprise-grade data protection wherever data resides with proven solutions from HPE and its trusted partners.


    Reduce costs

    Avoid up-front costs with consumption‑based backup both on- and off-premises, including complete transparency of costs and usage with HPE GreenLake Central, a self-service platform with point-and-click functionality where users can quickly obtain status on the HPE GreenLake services to which they’re subscribed.


    Enable scalability

    Grow according to business demand with elastic capacity. Deploy extra capacity in minutes and only pay for what is actually used.


    Improve efficiency

    Directly back up data to the cloud from on‑premises storage arrays without having to change existing workflows.


    Simplify IT

    Offload the heavy lifting of managing and protecting large data volumes with installation, implementation, maintenance, and management included with HPE GreenLake.

  • Speed up business outcomes

    Modernize data protection

    Meet the most-demanding SLAs for data recovery, retention, and archive with seamless, plug-and-play functionality. Infrastructure is designed to automate and orchestrate multi-tiered data protection to mitigate security risks—without having to change existing backup workflows.

    Transform your backup data from insurance to insight

    Quickly restore data for disaster recovery or re-use across a wide set of use cases, including dev/test and analytics for new business insights—without egress costs or performance impact.


    Fine-tune hybrid cloud

    Protect mission-critical apps across the hybrid cloud estate by combining cloud with on-premises infrastructure. Also, help eliminate the financial burden and complexity of planning data protection infrastructure with elastic scale and pay‑per-use pricing that aligns spend with consumption.


    Get started with modern data protection today.

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