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HPE Primera

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Storage infrastructure is an investment. It’s the one your business relies on today to support tomorrow. And as the demands on your applications increase, that investment has to deliver painlessly into the future.

  • A unique ownership experience for high-end storage

    We know you’re tired of dealing with the unpleasant surprises that come with storage - nplanned downtime, forklift upgrades, a price for every feature, and marketing claims that don’t follow through.

    So, we’ve made it easy for you to switch to a radically simpler storage experience without the headaches. An experience that stays simple even as your business grows and needs evolve.


    With Timeless Storage for HPE Primera and the HPE Technology Refresh Service, you get an all-flash ownership experience that provides investment protection from disruptive forklift upgrades down the road.


HPE Technology Refresh Service

The Timeless Storage for HPE Primera offers you the opportunity to subscribe to the new HPE Technology Refresh Service with your new all-flash array, building on flexible support services from HPE Pointnext Services - HPE Proactive Care Service, HPE Proactive Care Advanced Service, or HPE Datacenter Care Service. For as long as you remain subscribed to the HPE Technology Refresh Service with your all-flash HPE Primera array, we will protect your investment in HPE Primera by giving you a non-disruptive storage technology refresh every three years.  1


That means you will get system upgrades to the latest available technologies that include all necessary supporting hardware and software, installed with zero disruption. Not only does this allow you to keep storage costs predictable and do away with periodic storage purchasing cycles, but you can do away with costly rip-and-replace forever. The benefits of this new ownership model are far-reaching, applying to not only to your up-front purchase but also ongoing storage ownership.


No forklift upgrades

With the HPE Technology Refresh Service, you can forget costly and disruptive platform rip-and-replace cycles. Your HPE Primera arrays easily grow with your business. The value of your flash storage is protected through simple hardware and software upgrades - along with non-disruptive performance and capacity growth across the portfolio.


The HPE Technology Refresh Service not only lowers your total cost of ownership for storage but brings predictability to your storage costs and alleviates perennial concerns of technology obsolescence. You get a simple, non-disruptive upgrade path to scale resources. Do away with traditional storage purchasing cycles to keep your storage modern and do it without traditional forklift upgrades.


100% Availability Guarantee

Application uptime is more important today than it has ever been. Loss of access to data means lost time and money. You need highly available storage that will assure your uptime for your mission-critical applications. You need storage that eliminates the unexpected.


If you experience less than 100% availability, Hewlett Packard Enterprise works with you to resolve the issue and provide financial credit to apply toward a future purchase of HPE Primera products. It’s as simple as that.


All-inclusive software

Unlock the full potential of HPE Primera with our all-inclusive software licensing structure. Get access to all our operating system features and enhancements, including HPE InfoSight, at no additional cost.


HPE Store More Guarantee

HPE Primera compaction technologies change the economics of flash and help you get the most out of your system’s flash capacity while improving media endurance.


Store more data per terabyte of capacity and get more for less with better overall efficiency with HPE. We’ve backed this up with guaranteed compaction ratios for your workloads. It’s as simple as that.


Flat support pricing

Get a simple and predictable support pricing model. In an IT world with many uncontrollable factors, flat support pricing brings you ease. This helps to simplify the planning process while continuing to take advantage of the benefits of HPE Pointnext Services and builds on Timeless Storage.


Flat support pricing offers customers renewing their support service contract an annualized zero net price increase based upon the original net support price paid at the time of product purchase, provided the renewal is for the same support level and system configuration, and meets the terms and conditions listed here. No special action or request is necessary on behalf of the customer.


  • Get endless value from your all-flash investments

    Timeless Storage for HPE Primera transforms and future-proofs the storage ownership experience. You no longer have to stress over purchasing, managing, and upgrading your storage systems, or disruptive forklift upgrades. You can now focus on driving innovation in order to catapult your business forward.

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  • 1 This offer is only valid so long as no components on the system have reached end of service life. Other terms and conditions apply. Ask your sales representative for full details. 
This offer is only valid so long as no components on the system have reached end of service life. Other terms and conditions apply. Ask your sales representative for full details.