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Meet the new style of news production on the cloud that enables journalists to virtually reach their audience and engage with them on live TV.

Imagine millions of people downloading a free TV show app and uploading their contributions. What if with that information, you could:


  • Automatically analyze who is the best fit to go on live TV with you?
  • As a producer pick the best content from the best uploaders and get the best engagement during your show?
  • Increase the TV network’s customer data maximizing the right offers at the right time?


HPE Audience News Gathering (ANG) is a platform for editors and reporters to bring out contributors sharing outstanding content and help them go live during a show. This helps minimize the editors’ efforts in finding the right person to contact and get an excellent audience engagement.


When editors and broadcasters are looking for new ways to engage with their audience and broaden it with social engagement—going over the top (OTT)—they may be looking at new technologies (social media, analytics, and automatic metadata) for innovative programs.


The HPE ANG is a new solution aimed at increasing the audience number and engagement through social media and user-generated content collection and validation.


We are entering a new era in journalism. With the social media networks encouraging everyone to share their own content, the number of reporters has increased tremendously as lay people become part of the information and entertainment chain. In this scenario, HPE ANG is the platform that allows contributors, professionals, and others to reach high visibility, as well as enable editors to easily find the right person to be in contact with.

  • Importance of engagement

    With HPE ANG, your audience is deeply engaged through their devices, even participating on a TV show in real-time. Participated TV could increase the audience’s enjoyment and satisfaction.

    The HPE ANG platform helps bloggers gain more visibility, editors to easily reach out to excellent contributors, have better fact checking, and the TV audience interact with their favorite shows.

  • HPE audience news gathering components

    The HPE solution offers:

    • Skype-based web application for a simple interaction. This architecture comprises two components—HPE Media Workflow Master (MWM) Community Manager and HPE ANG Web App.


    HPE MWM Community Manager module allows editors to visualize and geo-localize most relevant contributors and engage with them. Live interaction happens through integrated commercial video call engines such as Skype. Contributors use the HPE ANG Web App to upload their content, visualize episodes and specials, and send requests to editors for live interaction.


    • Advanced Android App for dual feed live interaction. This architecture comprises three components—HPE MWM Community Manager, HPE ANG Android App, and HPE ANG Studio Web App.


    HPE ANG Android App streams two concurrent feeds with front and back camera. Moreover, the contributors can share media and watch video on demand. HPE ANG Studio Web App allows the producer to manage the two streams that are sent back to the app with the studio feed. The integration with commercial video call engines is still available when needed.


    Whichever solution you use, Skype or HPE ANG App, it can be integrated with video production software tools such as multiviewers and video template composer.


    Main tools of HPE ANG

    • A community manager web app
    • A free web app
    • A free special Android mobile app
    • A studio web app

Figure 1. HPE MWM Community Manager user interface

A community manager web app—a unique place to engage with your audience

The HPE MWM Community Manager allows the producer to handle contributors and their contents in one unique web-based production environment:


Find the most relevant contributors: Within the HPE MWM Community Manager web app, the editor visualizes the list of contributors sorted according to their social impact. The editor can define the ideal collaborator profile by selecting social KPIs such as the number of friends, pages, followers, and such. Each collaborator is assigned with a weight according to what KPI is important for the editor. The CM engine aggregates subscribers’ social data and suggests top-ranked collaborators according to the defined KPIs.


  • Explore subscriber social impact: For each subscriber, it is possible to explore the data collected over social networks and visually compare the social behavior of each user with the average behavior of registered users.
  • Integrate the CM with Skype: This allows editors to easily call contributors.
  • Locate contributors on a map and place a call: Active users can be located on the map and contacted to share content or to go live during an event.
  • Visualize user stories: Contributors can notify editors that they have a story to share. Stories are geo-localized and can be delivered to editors so that they can call back the storyteller for live interaction.
  • Rate contributors: Editors can assign a personal rating to each user.
  • Set user role: Editors can promote users from new to collaborator and live contributor. Each new user gets a new role and can watch the episodes and specials. The promotions help them share content and participate live.
  • Review the audience news management system: The CM helps to review the media content that has been shared by contributors. Editors can search, browse, and preview the collected video stories.
  • Publish specials for audience catalogs: Through the CM, editors handle episodes and specials, and publish them on the mobile application.


HPE ANG Web App for contributors—share your content and interact live

The web app allows contributors to upload their content, send requests for live interaction, and watch episodes and specials.


  • Tell a story: Contributors who are in the center of an event and want to share it can send a geo-localized story notification to editors asking for live interaction.
  • Go live: A live contributor can call the editor using integrated video call engines such as Skype.
  • Upload media: Within the application, contributors can upload their contents but only live contributors and collaborators can share the media.
  • Access video on demand (VOD): User will find the VOD catalog media shared by the editorial staff as specials and episodes.



Figure 2. HPE ANG mobile and web applications

HPE ANG Android App for contributors—participate with dual feed

Contributors who want to share content and go live with the dual feed use the HPE ANG mobile application.


  • Dual feed live interaction: HPE ANG provides an enhanced live interaction by streaming the front and back camera feed simultaneously and receiving the studio feed. The real time experience is delayed by around 300 ms only. What’s more, the chat engine helps the producer to write down recommendation for the contributor during a live relay.
  • Media upload: Within the application, contributors can upload their content.
  • Video streaming: User can watch media shared by the editorial staff as specials and episodes.


HPE ANG Studio Web App for producers—manage live contribution

HPE ANG Studio Web App is a video call client to support the producer during a live show. The app helps:


  • To interact live with the callers showing their double feed
  • To see who is connected and calling into the show
  • To locate each smartphone position on a show with sensor data (GPS, temperature, noise, and such). The app comes in a bundle with an all-IP video mixer to manage graphic macros, including GPS position and sensor data, as well as creates a complete program output (SDI/NDI/UDP/RTMP)

Figure 3. HPE Audience News Gathering architecture

  • 5G use cases

    HPE ANG is actually more than a platform for journalism, the same architecture applies to other 5G use cases, such as:


    • Medical assistance: A medical center can assist patients to get their geo position and view the shared patient data such as reports, radiography, images, and so on. Video calls can be activated for medical assistance. In cases where a patient is holding a wearable, connected device (for example, a cardio/heart-rate monitor) it will be possible to show up alarms according to the received data.
    • National security: HPE ANG can be used to notify mishaps such as fire, landslides, floods, and so on. Users can send geo-localized alarms and share images or videos of the event. A video call can be activated to help the operator in the center to better understand the situation and initiate proper action.
    • Public safety: The offering can be used to send geo-localized alarms in case of security issues. Moreover, it can be integrated with a wearable camera to support the communication among the police and operative center.
    • Car insurance: In the event of an accident, an insurance operative center receives the alarms. The operator can activate a video call to assist the client, verify the incident, the damages, and request photos of the accident to be shared. The alarm can be activated by the user either based on the data received by an accelerometer installed on the phone or in the car.



Figure 4. HPE ANG 5G use cases

Today, user-generated content is extremely valuable for editors and journalist. HPE Audience News Gathering (ANG) is the solution for those who want a completely new style of news production on the cloud. With the offering, you can find outstanding contributors from the audience and allow them to participate in your show. HPE ANG increases bloggers’ visibility, reduces an editor’s effort in finding the right person for the show, and brings in an excellent audience engagement for the show.

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