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HPE Business-Ready Adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack

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Customers choose Microsoft Azure Stack to provide end users, developers, and application owners a cloud platform that is easily and quickly accessible and consumable, taking benefit of a pre-engineered, cloud-native, and hybrid-capable technology for connected or disconnected deployments.

However, the full benefits of Azure Stack are not realized until it is integrated into enterprise IT processes and standards, including automation, security, and monitoring. This requires specific expertise, typically not available within a software development staff.

  • HPE Business ready adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack

    HPE Business-Ready Adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack accelerates enterprise and DevOps integration, automation and operational readiness

    • Reduces the time, effort, and provides the level of expertise required to deliver a high quality, consistent Azure Stack cloud environment
    • Rapid onboarding of Azure Stack in compliance with core enterprise IT processes
    • Leverages an automation framework, to realize the promise of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
    • Activates key operational tasks (for example, infrastructure backup), as timely operations are critical to ensure optimal efficiency, healthiness, and security compliance of the platform
  • Service Packages

    • Operational foundation - HPE will work with the customer to establish a backup, logging, monitoring, and management capability for the Azure Stack appliance through integration with the customer’s existing operational model. HPE will also add additional functionality through Microsoft published resource providers to enhance and extend services provided by Azure Stack.
    • Tenant infrastructure automation - HPE will work with the customer to understand the workload requirements as it relates to Azure Stack, to develop, document, implement, and validate the appropriate infrastructure addressing identity and access management, role based access control (RBAC) model, resources groups, and network topology.
    • DevOps integration - HPE will work with the customer to understand their DevOps environment and tooling and help integrate the DevOps toolset with Azure Stack.

Figure 1. HPE Pointnext Services Lifecycle for Azure Stack

  • Benefits

    • Faster time-to-market: Improves the time-to-solution and operation through automation and HPE expertise. It enables quick adoption of Azure Stack to support DevOps and XaaS initiatives.
    • Increased focus on business: Provides operational integration and consulting expertise, delivered by HPE Azure Stack experts. You can concentrate on cloud applications, workloads, and business outcomes while assuring operational standards compliance.
    • DevOps-ready: Leverages HPE DevOps expertise and an HPE automation framework based on Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates and PowerShell, as you begin creating new workloads and services in Azure Stack. Hewlett Packard Enterprise can provide specialized advisory and expertise, working together with your IT or DevOps team.
  • Conclusion

    Azure Stack extends Azure into your data center and enables you to work with its services on-premises. It brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments, helping accelerate cloud adoption and unlocks new hybrid use cases for both customer-facing and internal line of business applications:


    • Edge and disconnected
    • Cloud applications to meet varied regulations (data sovereignty, security, and compliance)
    • Cloud application model on-premises
    • High-performance, low latency
    • Hybrid DevOps

    With HPE Business-Ready Adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack, Hewlett Packard Enterprise can provide successful and speedy Azure Stack systems integration and professional services expertise, as well as an automation framework and methodology, regardless of the hardware platform.


    It leverages unique HPE experience and intellectual property, after having successfully delivered the worldwide deployment of several HPE ProLiant servers for Microsoft Azure Stack systems.


    With this service, HPE can provide a one-stop shopping for Azure Stack solutions - hardware, support, consulting, and managed services and with the HPE GreenLake offering you gain a consumption-based billing for the entire stack.


    Finally, HPE Business-Ready Adoption of Microsoft Azure Stack, along with several other services from HPE Pointnext Services, can assist with your cloud transformation.

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