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HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud

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Explore how cloud transformation with HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud Service helps assess current DevOps and provides a road map for improvements in this solution brief.

  • DevOps—Realize the full benefits of Cloud transformation

    More than just continuous integration and deployment or IT automation, DevOps breaks down silos between organizations, including IT development and operations. It is a culture shift encouraging collaboration to foster better application development more quickly and reliably.


    The HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud service is delivered by analyzing your current practices, identifying gaps against best practices, and building a road map to close the gaps and create a new DevOps culture. The service capitalizes on HPE Pointnext Services’ expertise and intellectual property, including a DevOps maturity model and DevOps questionnaire. DevOps can be adopted without the cloud and, therefore, this service is applicable to non-cloud environments, as well.


    The HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud service is one of several services from HPE Pointnext Services that can assist with your cloud transformation. In large cloud transformation projects, this service is frequently combined with HPE Application Migration for Cloud or HPE Application Modernization for Cloud services.


    HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud DevOps and DevOps practices are key to accelerating application development and deployment, and increasing quality. So how do you assess your DevOps practices against industry best practices? How do you chart a path forward with DevOps? How do you start your transformation to a DevOps culture? That’s where the HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud service comes in. This service provides you with:

    • In-depth assessment of current capabilities
    • Gap analysis against best practices
    • DevOps road map to address gaps
    • DevOps education



Figure 1. Domains of people, process, and technology

As part of the service we approach and assess DevOps across the following domains:


  • People—Teams have accountability through the entire software lifecycle. They develop the software and ensure its quality.
  • Process—An agile methodology must be implemented to increase the frequency at which software is deployed.
  • Technology—DevOps relies on a broad set of tools for CI/CD, automation, provisioning, and management among others.

We partner with you to review your DevOps capabilities across these three domains (Figure 1) and provide a road map and plan for improvement.


Because everyone’s journey and needs are different, the HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud service has three offerings:


DevOps improvement: An engagement focused on improving the existing CI/CD and automation toolset and capability, performing an assessment of DevOps capability using our DevOps questionnaire, and providing a benchmark against industry best practices.


DevOps transition: An engagement focused on transitioning a specific business unit initiative uses our DevOps questionnaire and maturity model to assess your existing tools and skills, identify gaps against best practices, and provide a road map for you to follow.


DevOps transformation: An enterprise-focused engagement performs an assessment using our DevOps questionnaire and DevOps maturity model and provides a road map at the enterprise level for organizations eager to shift to a true DevOps culture.

  • Features and benefits

    Organizations with a focus on DevOps understand the potential benefits of DevOps:

    • Faster time to market
    • Shortened development cycles
    • Strong collaboration between development, IT, and business teams
    • Increased quality through automated testing


    The HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud service provides you with a road map to take you from your current DevOps capabilities to an end state based on your desired outcome. The service provides:

    • Current assessment and status on your DevOps practices
    • Industry best practices recommendations
    • A framework and road map
    • Education
  • Conclusion

    The HPE DevOps Roadmap for Cloud service is designed to assess your current DevOps capabilities, tools, and practices and provide you with a road map for improvement. We view your DevOps capabilities across the aspects of people, process, and technology and our recommendations reflect each of those domains. This service can be used to provide guidance to improve your DevOps practices, or to get your organization started on a transformation to a DevOps culture.

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