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Quickly identify opportunities to maximize your return on data

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When and how will you embrace AI to transform the business?

Data is everywhere and ever increasing in quantity and complexity. But there’s a major difference between data, information, and actionable insights. So it’s no wonder many organizations are beginning to lose sight of what to do with all this data—and feel unsure as to whether they’re fully leveraging data for the deeper insights, more-personalized interactions, and process automation that can drive competitive advantage.

This data dilemma is making artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and advanced analytics the heart of enterprise digital transformation. In fact, these are the top three initiatives reported by business leaders.1 However, most organizations don’t believe they’re prepared for the next wave of digital transformation, with 60% reporting they have no formal strategy in place.  1


Go beyond the hype to learn how AI can make a measurable difference

Start your journey with an HPE Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop

At HPE we understand that AI, data, and analytics initiatives are on a continuum that’s driven by business needs and goals. Each organization has a unique path toward building a data foundation, developing advanced analytics solutions, and experimenting with AI for select use cases.


Take the first step on your journey with a one-day AI Transformation Workshop for key data, business, and IT stakeholders. Depending on your needs and goals, senior HPE Pointnext AI and data experts will help you:


  • What to expect

    During the workshop, you will select priority use cases aligned to your business, discover the areas that need attention, and create a high-level plan with opportunities, obstacles, and critical success factors that are specific to your needs.

    The plan also includes a proof-of-value recommendation for your select use case for you to move to an experimentation stage with your own data and in your own environment.


    HPE Pointnext experts follow a simple three-step approach:


  • HPE Pointnext for artificial intelligence, data, and analytics

    After you’ve explored your options through the HPE Artificial Intelligence Transformation Workshop, you can continue on your journey with a proof-of-value based on your priority use case. When ready, you can expand the solution with a secure implementation, modernization, or consumption model.

    Leverage global HPE Centers of Excellence to accelerate your AI, data, and analytics initiatives and realize better ROI from deployments. Tap into a team of data scientists, solution architects, technologists, and consultants who develop and deliver advisory and professional services in partnership with Hewlett Packard Labs, HPE product teams, and HPE data solution partners.

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  • 1 Voice of the Enterprise – Digital Pulse survey, 451 Research, 2018. 
Voice of the Enterprise – Digital Pulse survey, 451 Research, 2018.