Shift to Digital Transforms Construction Management at Interoc

HPE Pointnext Services delivers Legal Assurance as a service with Lequinox Solution

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Case study

Interoc is a Swedish construction firm with revenues of €40M. To ensure it remains rock-solid on industry compliance, and to better manage its numerous construction projects, the business has switched from paper-based reporting to an all-digital, cloud-based solution. The switch has generated cost savings, reduced risk, and strengthened Interoc’s position in the market.

  • Challenge

    Bring the advantages of digital to construction sites

    Interoc is a Swedish construction firm, based in Stockholm. The business was founded in the 1950s, and has grown significantly in recent years. Interoc now comprises six specialist businesses, employs 130 staff and generates annual revenues of €40M.

    Interoc works largely in the Stockholm area, but takes on a wide variety of construction projects, from new builds, to renovations, housing to office space.


    “We could have a number of projects on the go at any one-time,” says Henrik Andersson, supervisor, Interoc. “But we’ll mostly be working with contractors—plumbers, electricians, painters, with just one Interoc employee on-site to manage.”


    Effective construction project management requires Interoc to maintain a centralized, up-to-date record of progress. “We manage the project,” says Andersson. “Responsibility lies with us.”


    Traditionally, the construction industry has done this via a daily journal, a paper-based record of project updates. This required every contractor to write updates in a book at the end of every shift. In theory, the book would be looked after by one person and kept on-site.


    This method, though ingrained in construction industry culture, was far from satisfactory. It proved time consuming to chase the supervisors for signing process, difficult to define responsibilities in case of deviations, and difficult to specify cost for additional work. Reporting would be inconsistent, comments could be hard to read and to share.


    “Also, Stockholm’s often cold and wet weather are not ideal for keeping paper records,” says Andersson. “And if the report was lost, or a person moved to another project, that knowledge was gone forever.”


    Accurate record-keeping is more than just a project management issue, Andersson continues: “Increasingly, we’re being asked to show environmental or regulatory compliance. We need to be able to show live updates or to attach video or photo evidence.”


    “Paper-based records are more than an inconvenience. We have to change our approach, to digitize project management. All parties want it: contractors, regulators, suppliers and management.”



  • Solution

    Secure, cloud-based access

    The solution is the DigiSign Construction Diary, a digital construction journal application created by Digital Trace International, a Swedish compliance solutions ISV, and delivered by IT-Total. In turn, the Trace DigiSign Construction Diary is empowered by the Lequinox Solution and its Lequinox trust service platform.

    The Lequinox trust service platform is distributed globally by HPE Pointnext Services. In addition, HPE Pointnext Services designs, implements and integrates the Lequinox Solution into existing processes or applications (via REST and Local APIs).


    The integration of the Lequinox Solution API’s into the DigiSign Construction Diary transforms Interoc’s documentation capture and handling, slashing administration time. It allows Interoc project managers to visualize and securely share critical project data, in real-time. Instead of a paper journal, all parties on-site can log and sign in to a cloud-based “single version of the truth” via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Updates can be logged from anywhere on-site, at any time.


    By having access to all employees’ and contractors’ daily diary, the project manager can track site progress, visualize obstacles, and manage deviations. The Lequinox trust service protects the integrity of information at all times (as information is encrypted) and creates traceability of actions for all involved parties with a full audit trail. It protects the privacy of individuals in accordance with GDPR, meets the requirements of the EU Regulation on Trust Services (eIDAS) and construction industry.


    As a standard it includes a daily journal form, deviation report, ETA forms, safety inspection form, self-control plan, self-control form, time reports, request report, and meeting reports. Other forms can be added as required. Updates to industry regulations are made automatically.

  • Benefit

    Full traceability, from project start to finish

    “DigiSign Construction Diary and the Lequinox trust service platform give us full traceability, from project start to finish,” says Andersson. “All parties on-site understand how it works, and have had no problem making this part of their new reporting process.”

    Clearly, the transformation from paper to digital has delivered significant benefits to Interoc. In general, projects are now easier to manage, the business has reduced its risk. By adding audio, video, and photography, site reporting is now richer and more detailed. Audits are more straightforward, and there is the environmental benefit of using less paper.


    “The unique signing functionality with delegated roles offered by DigiSign Construction Diary and the Lequinox trust service platform make it so much easier to follow who has done what, when and how. In addition, all contractors securely safeguard a legal trace according to applicable legislation and rules,” Andersson explains. “DigiSign Construction Diary helps us easily connect all contractors on one platform, saving up to 60% on processing and digital report capture lead-time, unveiling obstacles, deviations and project additions.”


    Andersson says, depending on the setup, size and internal processes, the normal saving in time for a site manager or supervisor is approximately €1,200 per month. Managers are now faster to react to situations, and lessons can be applied to new projects.


    The aim is to extend the advantages of digital beyond Interoc, says Andersson: “Our priority was connecting the Interoc environment—all our project teams on every site, back into the head office. But the next phase is to extend across the supply chain. If we can connect into our suppliers and subcontractors—and why wouldn’t they want simpler, more transparent reporting, then this will create real advantages for us as a business.”


    The DigiSign Construction Diary solution, he explains, will make projects more compliant and provide clarity on pricing. This will enable Interoc to be more competitive on project tenders, and create a more attractive option when attracting new work partners.


    “I don’t know of any other construction firm using this solution, yet,” concludes Andersson. “It is ideal for us: open, modern, simple and intuitive.”

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