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HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA

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Real-time data, coupled with immediate analytics, is fueling the digital transformation of today’s enterprises. Organizations that have invested in the SAP® platform recognize the in‑memory computing advantages of SAP HANA®. But traditional IT environments were not built to handle the explosive data growth in‑memory computing fosters. Success requires an organization to not only migrate to the new platform, but also to restructure its infrastructure and operations to handle exponential growth with the flexibility of pay per use.

To get the most out of your SAP HANA platform, the infrastructure that supports it must address rigorous availability, security, and reliability standards, which often span on-premises, hybrid architectures, and even multiple clouds. It’s no surprise then that HPE is a market leader, with more than 1000s of customers running SAP HANA on HPE, and 34,000+ SAP HANA servers shipped.


Until recently, businesses have focused on building SAP HANA platforms on-site for performance and security purposes, or explored cloud options for greater agility and cost efficiency. While both approaches offer distinct benefits, they also come with trade-offs. The good news is that you no longer have to compromise. HPE raises the bar by providing an on-premises pay-per-use solution for SAP HANA. HPE GreenLake delivers all the convenience of consumption-based IT for your SAP HANA workloads, with the control, security, and performance of an on-premises solution you can evolve for future needs.


Both enterprises and service providers win with a solution that lets you focus valuable resources on getting the most out of SAP HANA, while freeing you from the worries of SAP HANA implementation, provisioning, and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure.

  • HPE Greenlake for your SAP HANA workloads

    Get it all—SAP HANA design, implementation, performance, security, and control—for your mission-critical data. HPE GreenLake offers a wide selection of SAP certified infrastructure, to meet workload performance and availability objectives. This solution can be designed, implemented, and operated by HPE Pointnext Services, the leading supplier of SAP infrastructure services.Gain superior performance at scale by running your mission-critical workloads on HPE Superdome Flex, a highly flexible, scalable, and reliable system designed to address a broad range of customer needs or any other platform from a differentiated HPE infrastructure portfolio for SAP HANA. Deploying HPE GreenLake for SAP HANA reduces much of the complexity surrounding SAP HANA implementation and operation. HPE Pointnext Services, the services organization of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, helps you become a faster, smarter competitor with a broad range of advisory and operations expertise and optional SAP HANA data and analytics services to optimize and evolve your SAP HANA environment. Billing aligns to your usage, with actual usage metered and billed based on gigabytes used by your SAP environment, offering a simple outcome-based metric that’s aligned with your business needs.

Figure 1. Complete consumption-based solution for SAP HANA

  • Benefits of HPE Greenlake for your SAP HANA workloads

    Faster time to value

    • Complete, built-for-purpose solutions optimized for SAP HANA with certified SAP hardware from HPE
    • Faster deployment with reference architectures and expertise from HPE Pointnext Services

    Better economics

    • Flexible pay-per-use model based on gigabytes used by SAP HANA
    • Up to 30% reduction in infrastructure costs with active capacity management
    • Costs on par with public cloud


    Proper control

    • On-premises solution for security, compliance, and data sovereignty needs
    • Exceptional performance with fine-tuned SAP environment from HPE Pointnext Services
    • Less business risk and higher levels of continuity and availability for SAP HANA


    Simplified IT

    • SAP HANA infrastructure managed and operated for you
    • Fast problem resolution with HPE SAP HANA experts
    • HPE Pointnext Services expertise available as needed to migrate, integrate, secure, and optimize your SAP HANA environment
    • Education and training services included from HPE’s Digital Learner program for faster training of your IT team
  • The HPE Pointnext Services advantage

    HPE Pointnext Services, the services organization of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, brings you the expertise needed to help you make hybrid cloud simple and move you to true consumption-based IT on-premises. Combined with HPE heritage and leadership in consumption-based IT, strength in infrastructure, and partner ecosystems, HPE Pointnext Services professionals can help you deliver better outcomes faster.

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