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Proactive spares delivery and management

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Learn about the HPE Smart Spares Box that provides an intelligent delivery solution for enhanced data center CSR parts access and availability in this solution brief.

  • What is the HPE Smart Spares Box?

    The HPE Smart Spares Box is an innovative HPE solution that combines hardware and software to help improve parts access. It can be used as part of HPE Spares Management Service and is configured to serve your parts pick-up and drop-off location for you and HPE engineers to use.

    This intelligent delivery solution, is fully maintained by HPE, requires no utility access, and can be installed easily. With a flexible modular design, this can be installed inside or outside your data center, as required.


HPE Smart Spares Box

  • Customer benefits

    Your experience as an HPE Pointnext Services customer will improve as the Smart Box provides:

    • 24/7 easy access to parts.
    • Modular flexible design dependent on your needs.
    • A safe, secure place for parts.
    • The Smart Box is at your data center for whenever you need it.
    • Easily collect and return parts.
  • How does the HPE Smart Spares Box work?

    • Bluetooth® 4.0 low power battery lock actuators, which require no power, network, or PC connection.
    • User will access the smartphone application that is compatible with: a. iPhone® 4S or newer models with iOS 8.0 or b. Android 4.4 or greater software platforms
    • Barcode scanning for real-time traceability by both user and logistics, for delivery, collection, storage, and return action.
    • Integrated to the HPE event workflow.


  • Service eligibility

    The Smart Spares Box solution may be made available to eligible customers as part of their service contract delivery solution, or as a new contract option as part of Spares Management Service.


  • Installation requirements

    Installation requirements:

    • Flat floor/wall of dimensions 2209 mm (h) x 758 mm (d) x 801 mm (w).
    • U.S. dimensions (inches): 32" (w) x 87" (h) x 30" (d) per column.
    • Secured by steel retaining bolts.
    • Indoor or outdoor location dependent on weather conditions and site constraints. No utility connections required.
    • Site survey to evaluate location suitability.
  • Site preparation and installation process

    • HPE Smart Spares Box is shipped pre-assembled
    • Each installation site must be accessible using a tail-lift vehicle and pump truck or forklift
    • Each box takes approximately 2 hours to install
    • It is anchored by 2 to 6 x 100 mm/4" bolts per column
    • Each box is fully tested once installed
  • Technical specifications

    Dimensions in mm (w x h x d):

    • One column—802 x 2210 x 758
    • Two column—1603 x 2210 x 758
    • Three column—2405 x 2210 x 758


    U.S. dimensions in inches (w x h x d):

    • One column—32 x 87 x 30
    • Two column—63 x 87 x 30
    • Three column—95 x 87 x 30



    • HPE green
    • Stealth gray



    • The Standard box consisting of 2 columns
    • Additional columns and door configurations are available depending on business need
    • Box can be installed with HPE brand vinyls attached



    • Weatherproof IP44 rated design allows it to withstand almost any weather condition
    • To help manage extreme weather conditions (the HPE Smart Spares Box is also available with a canopy if required)
    • No external utilities are required to power the box
  • Your responsibilities

    • Get permission for placement and installation of the Smart Box, at your site
    • Allow HPE timely access to your site to deliver and install the Smart Box
    • Allow HPE or a designated delivery service, like UPS, to have timely unrestricted access to the HPE Smart Spares Box to drop off and pick up HPE Smart Spares Box Content
    • Allow HPE access to be able to inspect, maintain, repair, and de-install or replace the HPE Smart Spares Box as requested by HPE
    • Not to transfer the care or custody or remove the HPE Smart Spares Box
    • Notify HPE, as soon as possible of any unauthorized use or damage to or malfunction of the HPE Smart Spares Box
    • Take measures to prevent loss or damage of the HPE Smart Spares Box while installed at your site
    • Upon termination or expiration of support coverage with HPE, or if required by HPE, HPE will remove the HPE Smart Spares Box contents and box

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