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Creating intelligent and engaging public venues that keep your guests coming back for more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise expertise combined with Aruba network product innovations can transform your traditional venues into truly intelligent ones.

Our technology services focus on the customers at the venue, and the business outcomes that can be driven by delivering comprehensive solutions that are optimized for engaging venue-specific mobile applications and interactions with your guests. So on one hand, the pervasive, secure and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity with immersive mobile application engagement increases guest satisfaction and loyalty; and on the other, it allows you to drive incremental revenue for your business by presenting your guests and patrons with purchase opportunities that are personalized, fast, and intuitive.


HPE Intelligent Spaces—Venues open the door to a world of improved user experiences. Imagine welcoming visitors through a custom-branded web portal powered by Aruba ClearPass built for high-volume public access hotspots. Make it easy for people to find their way around your venue using wayfinding technology powered by Aruba Meridian. Engage your guests during their visit and entice them with personalized advertisements and special offers while they sign-in for secure Wi-Fi access and download your venue’s mobile app. Dazzle them with instant video replays, bring the game to their palms, and offer in-seat food and beverage services. The user experience possibilities become endless.

  • Five reasons to choose HPE Intelligent Spaces—Venues from HPE Services

    1. Unleash new revenue opportunities with actionable analytics and business intelligence gained from your venue mobile app and Wi-Fi usage.


    2. Proactively generate targeted marketing and sales campaigns and enhance relationships with your guests.


    3. Benefit from comprehensive solution engineering, including the design and integration of Aruba wired and wireless network, network management, secure access control, analytics, beacons, and meridian for location-based services


4. Create and pragmatically deploy highly customized Aruba Meridian-powered mobile engagement applications that infuse mobile apps with location-based features, venue-specific content, and proximity-based notifications for guests during their visits.


5. Expedite Aruba network infrastructure and application strategy, design, deployment, integration, and optimization with expert advisory and professional IT services from Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

  • Case in point: Aruba shatters all stadium Wi-Fi records on Super Bowl Sunday

    Aruba’s mobile engagement solution for large public venues smashed Wi-Fi records for Super Bowl 50 at the Levi’s stadium during the 2015–16 football season. About 70,000 fans took 200 selfies per second, got turn-by-turn directions, and ordered drinks from their seats—all from their smartphones.

A total of 10 TB data was transferred on Wi-Fi—breaking the 10 TB barrier in any stadium for the first time—and this was 63 percent higher than Super Bowl 49. Aruba also set records for unique (27,316) and concurrent (20,300) users on Wi-Fi, both of which beat Super Bowl 49.  1 For more information, refer to this infographic.
  • How to get started

    Engage with HPE Services and learn more about how we design and integrate comprehensive and secure mobile engagement solutions for some of the most visited public venues in the world.


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