Boost efficiency and performance for your business-critical storage environment

HPE Pointnext Complete Care Performance Optimization—Storage & HPE Pointnext Complete Care Solution Lifecycle Management—Storage

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Mitigate risk and simplify with HPE Pointnext complete care—Storage

With businesses storing more and more critical information on HPE primary storage arrays, it’s imperative that your environment perform optimally every day. HPE Pointnext Complete Care modular solution blocks give customers the experience required for their HPE Alletra 9000, HPE Primera, or HPE 3PAR storage solution to keep data highly available so IT can help drive business outcomes and success.

Whether you already have an existing HPE Primera or HPE 3PAR solution or are new to this technology with HPE Alletra 9000, you want to make sure you’re getting the most from your mission-critical storage. This includes optimizing your experience using these technologies and maximizing the return on your investment
  • Drive optimal availability and performance

    HPE Pointnext Complete Care solution blocks for storage offers both proactive and reactive support including: an enhanced priority call experience with start to finish call management, an assigned account team, and direct access to technical expertise.

    But with this specialized solution, you also receive a range of specific deliverables, including proactive and advisory services to help optimize efficiency and availability. Many of these specialized services are designed to help reduce data availability issues and downtime. Benefits include:


    • Improve overall disk array performance and capacity utilization, stability, and availability
    • Establish a baseline as a reference point for future performance analyses and capacity management
    • Identify potential issues before they can affect business operations
    • Facilitate improvements in storage system management by comparing your systems’ current states with recommended HPE best practices
    • Get a solution lifecycle management plan aligned to your business requirements and change process, and avoid possible issues due to out of date firmware or software revisions or configuration of your systems
    • Implement system enhancements including additional functionalities and features
    • Reduce business risk and project costs by working with HPE specialists


  • Proactively reduce outages and problems

    We can help maintain a firmware and software baseline, implement configuration best practices, and ensure peak performance with a balanced use of storage and network resources that will help avoid data accessibility issues. Primera/3PAR proactive service activities help anticipate storage demands with:

    • HPE Alletra 9000/HPE Primera/HPE 3PAR health check baselines array configuration against recommended best practices.
    • Delivers key performance and capacity metrics together with HPE observations and recommendations.
    • Solution Lifecycle Management service provides a proactive approach to planning the versioning of the HPE Alletra 9000/HPE Primera/HPE 3PAR infrastructure, based on your operational and business considerations. A change plan is developed to address necessary infrastructure interoperability elements associated with updates and upgrades and identify the specific activities to be performed across the storage, SAN and host servers.

    Once fully validated with your team, the HPE specialist will orchestrate the various changes across the infrastructure and ensure successful completion of the plan before handing over the environment to your operations team.


    • Operational and technical advice are included in above services and delivered together with an HPE storage technical expert.
  • Prevent data loss

    Keeping your storage at peak performance is only part of the story, but having a solution to quickly recover your data is case of a catastrophic event is key.

    As part of HPE Pointnext Complete Care, HPE provides storage focused services that will help you improve uptime and prevent data loss.


    Complement the storage solution blocks proactive activities with environmental data protection services that include:


    • Backup Efficiency Analysis—a discovery workshop that evaluates the state of your data protection environment, focusing on operational stability, problem identification, capacity consumption, and constraints.


    • Backup Impact Analysis—HPE performs a deep dive analysis to help when there is an issue with your backup environment. We focus on enhancing processes and procedures for improved infrastructure utilization to meet SLAs for RTO and RPO—and enable data recoverability.


    • Business Impact Analysis ServiceHPE Pointnext Services consultants work with you to evaluate business-process criticalities and recovery parameters. Experts help identify processes that will let you access the continuity of your business operations, recovery, and resumption in case of disaster.
  • The experience you need to drive business outcomes

    With your business depending on the information stored in your storage system, we can help you apply best practices for storage configuration and management.

    HPE Pointnext Complete Care—storage will help you manage version control, performance, capacity, and overall array health. All drive problem reduction so you can focus on business growth and innovation.


    Learn more about how to optimize your storage assets for improved availability, efficiency, and long-term stability. Contact your HPE representative or authorized reseller, or visit HPE Pointnext Complete Care.

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