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Extended Deployment

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Solution brief

A better way to deliver on your IT commitments

Meeting your commitments for new IT deployment and service delivery can be challenging and require significant planning.

Whether your business is expanding rapidly or you want to be prepared for inevitable changes, you need to be able to accelerate innovation and deliver faster without losing control of your IT priorities. Add in the time needed to stage and prepare new IT infrastructure and the challenge gets bigger. You need help to reduce your risks of delivery delays—including avoiding complicated IT procurement processes and equipment delivery intervals that are too long.

It is fairly common for IT to purchase equipment ahead of their need, avoid procurement process roadblocks and delivery delays. Timely access to your forecasted needs for compute and storage allows you to systematically install and activate new systems and upgrades. It gives you the flexibility to plan and execute at your best, but it comes at a price. You will likely tie up cash needed for other priorities and possibly create a budget gap. If you are managing to a quarterly budget allocation, you may not have the funding to purchase infrastructure upfront. How can you match your desired deployment schedule and available budget, and avoid over-spending? You need to be able to have access to the best IT for your business, at the right time, that also delivers the right financial outcomes to match.

  • It's time to rethink your IT investment strategy

    HPE Adaptable Use Models—Extended Deployment allows you to acquire your forecasted compute and storage capacity in advance of the actual need, and align payments with deployment for added flexibility and budget efficiency.


    With advanced access to IT, you have more control over your deployment, your spending and your ability to deliver.

  • A case for Extended Deployment

    A major, global cloud services provider based in Europe was expanding rapidly and needed to add servers to be able to fulfill new contracts.


    They were torn between the choice of purchasing their forecasted needs right away or waiting and ordering as needed. A primary goal was to minimize the risk of delivery and service delays, but equally important, they wanted to better align their costs to revenues and growth. They utilized the HPE Adaptable Use Model—Extended Deployment to extend their rollout over 12 months and make payments over 5 years, starting payments when the servers were deployed. Upgraded server technology and greater deployment flexibility helped this vendor deliver 99.9% availability.

  • How it works
    • Flexibility to adjust IT investment based on project rollout

    • Obtain up to 12 months of “advance IT need” on day one

    • Warranty can be aligned to equipment activation dates

    • Select a rollout term (monthly or quarterly) based on your business needs

    • Begin payment once activated, up to 12 months from shipment

    • Provides budget certainty; once activated, make predictable monthly payments

    • Can be tailored to a bundled solution with products from the entire HPE product portfolio

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