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Across industries and around the world. When the time is right to begin your organization’s digital transformation, you can count on Hewlett Packard Enterprise and SAP to help. 
By delivering simplified, innovative solutions that target the real-world challenges created by today’s digital economy, HPE and SAP can propel your organization further, faster.

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Enterprise Application Continuity for SAP

Purpose-built solution to maximize uptime of your most critical SAP investments - A Holistic Application Continuity Approach.

The HPE Application Continuity Solution for SAP takes into account a holistic approach to minimize business disruptions due to application outages by focusing on the following areas:

  • Data Persistence: the first step in preserving application continuity is to persist the data onto non-volatile storage to prevent loss of data in case of database failures. Data persistence allows restoration of applications from save points and log data. This is critical for in-memory databases such as HANA, but it applies to all databases supported by SAP.
  • High Availability /HA) and Failover: next, setup your SPA landscape with high availability in mind. One must be able to quickly and reliably failover the entire landscape, applications and database, to meet the RTO/RPO requirements.
  • Data Protection: to further protect against data loss and as a second line of defense, backup to and recover from a secondary media while delivering stringent up-time SLA.
  • Disaster Recovery: finally, guard against catastrophic failures via copy to a disaster recovery location.
Featured Case Study
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Kaeser Cuts Downtime by 60%

Machine sensors embedded in Kaeser Kompressoren equipment deliver realtime analytics that predict and prevent system outages before they can occur. That’s provided a competitive advantage by enhancing customer care — and satisfaction.


Every time a production system goes down in an industrial process, it creates a troubling ripple effect. Entire production processes grind to a halt.


Realizing the game-changing potential of the Industrial IoT, Kaeser Kompressoren equipment features sensors to capture key environmental and performance data such as temperature, humidity, and vibration.

“IIoT is not just about technology. It’s about capturing data that’s important to your business and your customers, gaining insights into that data, and using those insights to improve business results.”

Falko Lameter, CIO, Kaeser Kompressoren


With real-time machine analytics delivering faster insights into the health of its installed air compressors, Kaeser helps customers predict device failures and take preventive action.

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